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server intellect

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by NetHoster, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. NetHoster

    NetHoster New Member Webmaster

    We've been with Server Intellect for about 4 years. They have a fantastic network. Very rarely is there ever an issue, and when there is, it is resolved in minutes. Their tech support is very knowledgable. They have an ample staff and are very responsive both by email and phone. We highly recommend Server Intellect.
  2. dman_2007

    dman_2007 Guest

    Nice to hear that NetHoster, would be interesting to know what type of site and how many site you have curently hosted at Server Intellect.
  3. Luke Beale

    Luke Beale New Member Webmaster

    I have not heard of them before.
    Can we have more info on them?
  4. Chimley

    Chimley New Member Webmaster

    I have been using Server Intellect for around 14 months. We have a VPS and Dedicated Server with them. Both are managed which is nice just in case I cant figure something out they will help me. The vps is for testing only. Our main server hosts around 80+ smaller asp sites plus a few larger forums and sites. Great for ASP.net development. I would recommend them highly if you are looking for good support and services for asp and windows. Their are a pretty large company comparatively speaking and have won quite a few hosting awards. I was turned on to them by the asp.net forum gurus.

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