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Should we worry?

Discussion in 'Forums' started by midlandi, May 18, 2007.

  1. midlandi

    midlandi Guest

    Just a thought.

    Forums are great places to not only meet other like minded people and create and share ideas.
    Some great help and trading takes place aswell.

    BUT if we are honest, most(not all) visit Forums to gain valuable backlinks through their signature.
    Should Google decide ever that this sort of backlink isn't counted in their alogorythm,or change it such a way that PR and backlinks no longer count will the Forums die?

    Will the interest in Forums over ride the loss of the resource?
    For example, and I wont name the members, but if you trawl through some Forums you will find 1000's of inane posts(ok from time to time we all do!)but, without a single post with help or advise or any interesting information. Without a doubt these sort will be lost.
    Now i bet if you counted up the number of these, and include the "great post" reply posters, what are we left with?

    Just a thought, whats your view.
  2. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    I think posting on forum is an addiction. When I started that I was a blackhat spammer, and all I wanted is to get backlinks. Within 6 months I meet nice people like You, Jumpen and Temi and that gave me another direction, for what I'm honestly really gratefull. I learned a lot from the forum interactions. I think if google exclude the forum links I would continue interacting with you.;)
  3. The only reasons why I visit forums is interaction, opportunity to share my knowledge and to learn from other members.

    And that's why most people visit forums.
  4. OldDarkstarAccount

    OldDarkstarAccount Senior Member Webmaster

    And , I don`t know for sure if I`m right , but I think a while ago , google didn`t count the backlinks from signatures , but still the forums were an active place
  5. dhscott

    dhscott New Member Webmaster

    If a forum doesn't allow link in signatures or whatever, I still join. I join based on the community and reputation it has.

    Some suck, some don't. Generally I join the ones that suck anyway but I never post on them.
  6. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    I post and take part in forums where signatures are blocked from the spiders. No problem ata ll. I post to help others and relax. Making online frienships and building networks of friends is great also.
  7. midlandi

    midlandi Guest

    Seems like there will still be the "hard core" posters around whatever then:p
  8. SoftwareMS

    SoftwareMS New Member Webmaster

    We post on 2 forums, the UK Business Forum and this one. Didn't know about the backlinks until it was mentioned on the UKBF.

    If Google where to penalise us for adding backlinks via our signatures then it wouldn't be fair to some of us because some people do generally participate and provide help and assistance and even ask for help when needed.

    If Google find a way to block timewasters then yes we are all for it.
  9. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Google wil count the links that are on topic to the thread they are in, and discount those off topic Is my guess.

    You will still get the Pr value, but the link juice will be watered down somewhat , which is fine, as they will only be watered down in off topic searches.
  10. funkypilchard

    funkypilchard New Member Webmaster

    good post!
  11. gkd_uk

    gkd_uk Moderator Moderator Webmaster

    My opinion is that everyone has a purpose when joining and posting on forums which are:

    1) For backlinks and PR
    2) Gain reputation
    3) Spread the word about their services

    Some people get addicted and visit two or three of their favourite forums regularly to interact and share knowledge but are still there to grab hold of good offers such as cheap backlinks, spread the word about their services and gain some good reputation among the webmaster world. There is always a purpose and it is not entirely about sharing knowledge.

    When I first started to join forums I did not have a clue about what backlinks or PR were. My main purpose was to submit my Web Directory to forums and offer free submissions to members so that I could build on the directory database. I then realised that the word backlinks and Google PR update were very hot and everyone was chatting mainly about this one topic so I did some research and read about backlinks and PR on forums and Google.

    Today, I have some knowledge on backlinks and Page rank and thank forums like this one and others from where I have learnt so much.

    I think I better stop now :seal:

    Thanks :)
  12. Lanre

    Lanre Senior Member Webmaster

    I think you have raised a good point. I reall lost interest in forum because I don't often get replies to points I raised that needs sorting while if you go to post that are not relevant to anything that is where you will find the longest thread. I am sure google is watching and thinking of relevance too.
  13. Mr. Brown

    Mr. Brown New Member Webmaster

    you may feel that way about webmaster forums, but the others are poeple there for the content. I got my own forum, but i come here to make sure i'm running it properly. Not spamming.

    algorithyms do change though, so hopefully you learn more than the value of that backlink. In other words, don't spam, just learn and enjoy forums
  14. maldives

    maldives New Member Webmaster


    That reminds me of Digital Point - Politics and Riligion forum.
  15. Lanre

    Lanre Senior Member Webmaster

    Actually the feeling is not for or from this forum. I have got quiet a help from this forum.
  16. LinkHunter

    LinkHunter New Member Webmaster

    I think that alot of people pattern their forum after digital point, the web related forums anyways!! The fact is that a forum is for CHATTING!! The fact that you get help from other members is very cool and I give and receive help all of the time but I also like to go to a forum to chat too!!

    It's true that you have relevancy in different types of forums like this forum for instance: It is a webmaster forum, but the common areas are cool to chat in as well!! It's not ALL business and help sections which is good for me!! It is nice to have fun once in awhile!!

    I have had a forum up now for 2 1/2 months at YoBux.com in which the members either like to game or they like to chat about ??? The site has an insane amount of links to it and it is predicted a PR6, we'll see!! Anyways, the status in Google for the term (gaming forum) is on the first page now and if Google didn't think that it was good content, it wouldn't be there!!

    In my opinion::::: As long as a forum is managed and there are no SPAM type posts, and has traffic!!!, it will do well!! Forums are not just for help and business, they are also to keep life's bordum away!! I love to post in forums!!

    Not to mention the PR value for the posts and the contacts.....hehe
  17. menj

    menj Member Webmaster

    I post in forums for the social interaction, not for signature backlinks. It was only quite recently that I learnt that forum signatures make very good backlinks. That still didn't change my original motivation for forum participation, though :)

    - MENJ

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