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Site Analysis, $10

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by camp185, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. camp185

    camp185 New Member Webmaster

    Looking to improve your site? Get my usability and design analysis for just ten bucks!

    Topics Covered:
    • Navigation - Reduce confusion
    • Use of hyperlinks
    • Clear purpose of site - Get visitors to understand your site in seconds, and immediately improve your website performance
    • Forms - Improve conversions
    • Speed of website
    • Use of graphics - Improve SEO, improve your site for visually impaired, and improve your design
    • Search capabilities
    • Basic design concepts
    • Site consistencies - Usability is greatly increased with high levels of consistencies throughout the site
    • Standardization and accessibility
    • And most likely things you never even thought of that can improve your website!
    I am offering UK Members my analysis for just $10. The analysis covers 35 different items, it is non-automated, includes reasoning why each thing matters, and a brief conclusion with suggestions. This analysis can improve your sites: design, usability, seo, and customer satisfaction. This is a great analysis, and an easy ROI.

    Ready to order? Just send me a PM and I will reply with my Paypal details

    Thank You!

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