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Site Structure For Seo

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by mark higgins, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. mark higgins

    mark higgins New Member Webmaster


    I build a lot of service oriented websites quite a lot are front page on google

    I am trying to understand SEO Better so I can build better structured sites.

    But finding it diffucult to find straight forward answers

    The main product pages are one directory deep
    Which are the important pages

    Structure would be


    The about us contact us ect are in the root domain
    ie www.grantieworktopshull/contactus.html

    Should I No follow nonimportant pages or place them deeper within the structure
    does the fact of having an extra key word in the url structure outway the fact that the important pages are now one level deeper to facilitate the extra key word in url path

    sorry about all these questions

    re page order of elements
    Most pre purchsed joomla template Place the menu structure as the first item with in the
    Body tag of the page-

    Would it be better to place the main content first in the body tag an then use css to
    manipute the top and side menu positions - this would meen rolling my own templates
    something I can do but would rather not if it as minimal seo advantages

    Entry Points
    I usualy point two links to important pages from the home page is this ok

    Home Page
    I Try if I can to optimise the home page for one key phrase the most important product
    on the site and then optimise all the product pages for there key phrase

    Or Should I try to optimise the Home equal for each product or just the most important product

    Revolving content - No used this on any live Site yet
    Have Written a component that can serve up random content
    Ie you can write as many front page verations as you like and will show them at random
    each time you hit the site - is this black hat

    Have done this as a module - No used this on any live Site yet
    So you can have an Html Snippet on the site with revolving content
    Would just having a paragrah at the bottom or the sides still be ok

    Cross linking component
    I Have over 100 hundred sites I Hve built that are the same industry so revelavant
    each site as a directory which links to all the other sites.
    I have constructed this so I only have to add the link to one site and it propergates through to all the other sites this is done with php - so all the directorys display on the sites as Pure HTML. Not Ajax

    Is this Black hat or acceptable as the site are 100% relevant to each other

    I thnk I Have concentrated a little too much on programing and graphic presentation
    and need now to concentrate on the SEO aspects of web site building
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2010
  2. arthur

    arthur New Member Webmaster

    while you are at expert level of SEO, but i still at the starting phase, the thing you have mentioned in your post, i didn't practice them before but i will try if i can get good results..
  3. Julin

    Julin New Member Webmaster

    Google had made the algorithms more tuffer for SEO because of competition so you have to be very careful before making a new a site.
  4. arthur

    arthur New Member Webmaster

    well, the point you are having idea about are great,,, but you just need to go with them in effective way.. check your competators, and do an analysis, so you will better know how to implement in good way.

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