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SoapForum.co.uk - UK TV forum - Over 1500 members - 33k+ posts - Doing great in SEs

Discussion in 'Websites' started by John D, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. John D

    John D Guest

    I am selling one of my sites, www.SoapForum.co.uk

    This is a relist and the site was sold at the BIN to three people, two didnt have the money available and I have waited over 3 weeks to hear back from the other winner.

    Please do NOT bid unless you have the money available when the auction ends or at the BIN.

    This is a forum for UK soaps, for example eastenders, coronoation street, Emmerdale etc. as well as general TV.

    The stats are currently:
    Our members have made a total of 33,543 posts
    We have 1,544 registered members
    The newest member is kain
    Most users ever online was 374 on Jul 13 2005, 03:24 AM


    Traffic stats: Http://www.soapforum.co.uk/temp/soapforum.gif
    Referral stats: Http://www.soapforum.co.uk/temp/soapforum1.gif

    Take a look at the referral stats, the traffic is great quality and you can see for yourself there is a very high % of traffic from search engines.

    I have not paid for advertising ANYWHERE so all traffic is natural.

    Included in the sale:
    Unique design
    Complete site files and databases
    IPB License (Still not 100% on this, I have to get the login information but you can see from the site that there is an IPB license registered for the site)
    Domain name

    The only thing I have done is place adsense in a few places, never really integrated it well.
    Income is $63 since October.
    I'm sure anyone that knows about advertising knows a lot more could be made from this site, some options I would recommend for the new owner would be popup ads - These tend to work a lot better on entertainment related sites.
    Because of the genre of this site I think affiliate links would also work very well - Maybe chitika?

    Other info:

    The site has great links with the entertainment industry and I am often contacted by TV stations, studios and concert organisers and offered tickets, passes etc. but I never take advantage of this because I don't live in England where most of the studios, concerts etc. are.

    Reason for sale:
    I would like to free up a little bit of cash for a quick break next month with my other half so the extra money would come in nicely.

    Payment can be made through paypal or UK bank transfer (I have an Alliance & Leicester account).

    Price: Current Offer $1400
    BIN: $2500 (This was reached by 3 people before so I think its a good level for a site this size).

    End Date: One week from today or open to offers for BIN
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    looks like a busy forum, why are you selling it John?
  3. John D

    John D Guest


    Do you not have vbcode enabled?

    I am actually going away this month and I had to sell another site last week which covered a lot of what I needed but I still need some more.

    I run quite a few sites and I'm trying to focus on three now.
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    No John,
    vbcode not enabled To discourage spammers who just want to exploit this forum for free links :)
  5. John D

    John D Guest

    You could disable just the URL code ;)

    If you want a hand doing it just let me know, or you could even disable URL just for users with less than x posts.
  6. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I did not know that was possible :(
  7. John D

    John D Guest

    If you need a hand just let me know, I run a few vb forums and have done it a few.
  8. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I certainly can use a hand now and again, come join our moderators team whenever you have some time to spare

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