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Social bookmarking for traffic and conversions

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by shyampc, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. shyampc

    shyampc New Member Webmaster

    After seeing several posts on forums, I bookmarked my websites to social bookmarking websites, and could notice increase in traffic for many days. It also helped me in conversions.

    I had hired a person to do the job of submission, and the amount spent on this was really worth.

    Now I wish to bookmark the same websites again. Are there any ways to submit the same websites to those social bookmarking websites and get the traffic and conversions again and again? Are there any suggestions to do this?

    I plan to create blogs and display products there. Then I will be able to submit those blogs to these social bookmarking websites. Will this method help?
  2. dzinga1

    dzinga1 New Member Webmaster

    There is a great social submission tool for blogs, it's called autosocialposter. I use it, it's great. Also, you can try web2submitter, it's cheaper, but just as good.
  3. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    I would suggest you go to PD forum. In the Buy-Sell-Trade forum Services section there are tons of people offer social bookmarking services.
    DO NOT use ones that offer 100+ submissions.

    You'll be better off using 5 different guys (girls) who will bookmark your site on 20-30 sites.
    Make sure to give every one of them slightly different descriptions so this does not look like artificial duplicate submissions.

    Try to do may be 1-2 submission a week so again it looks more natural.

    After all 5-6 submissions are done you may want to buy some diggs and stumbles on the same DP forum.

    I promise you - there will be a nice increase in traffic and at the same time you will get large increase in backlinks and SERP results. At least that how it worked for me...

    All this project may cost you around $50 but it well worth it.

    I would say this will be much more beneficial than submitting to 1000 free useless directories.

    Give it a try and post some results after a month or so...
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I think this is an excellent suggestion SkinnerW, I have never tried it but I will give it a go and see if it works as you suggested :)
  5. loredan

    loredan Member Webmaster

    I have a football predictions blog which I only stumbled and digg it, nothing else, no other form of advertising! I stumble and Digg every new post and this brings me around 500 uniques every week. Great source of traffic!
  6. JeremiaSK8

    JeremiaSK8 New Member Webmaster

    Directories are not useless, I had 150 backlinks from directories in 1 month.
  7. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    Congratulations... How much traffic you got from these 150 links?
  8. mtorregiani

    mtorregiani New Member Webmaster

    Most of the people who offers a lot of bookmarks (I saw people offering 3000) in a short ammount of time, are scamming you. Why, because they have multiple accounts and bookmark your site from different accounts, and you get a lot less traffic than a few bookmarks from strong people.

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