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Social Media Platform for Marketing

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by vida_llevares, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. vida_llevares

    vida_llevares New Member Webmaster

    Which social media platform do you project to rule the industry in the coming years?
  2. Viktori

    Viktori New Member Webmaster

    I don't see Facebook getting toppled in the near future, so they will probably still be the leader in social networking. They might lose some points in the stock market here and there, but the people have grown used to it and it is unlikely that majority of the members there would flock to another platform collectively unless Facebook slips up significantly. Add to that the fact that they are now being used to log in to many sites and also used to comment on them, I doubt a replacement will ever arise.
  3. BruceBanner

    BruceBanner New Member Webmaster

    That's a difficult one. Remember when everyone was proclaiming that MySpace was the end-all and be-all? Then Facebook came along and everybody chased after the college students and jumped ship? People are always looking for the next big-thing. If enough of the "cool kids" start doing it, everyone else will follow. It's only a matter of time.
  4. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya New Member Webmaster

    I agree. And I also think that its getting harder and harder for facebook to get bigger because its already so big that its hard for them to find room for more advancement if you know what I mean :) I think its only a matter of time for a new social network to show up because lets face it, facebook has become increasingly annoying over the past years. They want to be a part of everything. Did you see all those 'log in with facebook' buttons all around the web? Or their mobile platform? I say no to all of these because I don't want FB to be part of my everyday life more than it already is. And they can't understand that.
    /rant :mad:
  5. Teekay

    Teekay New Member Webmaster

    Twitter is doing quite well at the moment and the people I know, rarely use Facebook and many have started using Twitter. Yes, it's a very small sample size but that's how the sites been doing.

    Facebook has been gaining members in the last year even though millions are deactivating their accounts in the US and the Eastern Europe however that is probably because has been counter balanced and more by people joining up to the site from developing countries where membership hasn't peaked yet.

    In terms of which social network I see leading in the future, it may be Twitter unless another Mark Zuckerberg is coding away the next social network in his dorm as I speak.
  6. Viktori

    Viktori New Member Webmaster


    I always thought that the login feature was generally liked, and I never would have guessed that some other people didn't like it as much as I did. It's a pain to keep registering for different sites, sure, but I think it's worth it to keep at least some degree of separation to all these new things we're still getting used to. I'm pretty sure it's still widely preferred by the public though, so I doubt it will ever stop or slow down now, unfortunately.
  7. BigJ

    BigJ New Member Webmaster

    It seems as though Twitter is growing all the time. The market seems ready for new social media all the time, look at the overnight success of Vines. Unfortunately for Vines, Instagram will likely phase them out as Instagram offers longer video.

    While Facebook updates always cause initial frustration, everybody ends up accepting them.

    Ultimately a combination of multiple platforms will lead to successful social media marketing.

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