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Software MS - Software Made Simple

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by temi, May 9, 2007.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Software Made Simple

    Buying software for your computer might have caused you trouble in the past. There were so many retailers to choose from, they prices varied and technical support was almost non-existent. So I guess you're asking yourselves what's different now. You're right; most of the things haven't changed. But some things have changed, and they changed for better. One of them for sure is Software Made Simple, a United Kingdom web based company.

    Located in the very heart of Birmingham, they offer best software packages available today for office and home users alike. You can have your computer equipped with everything necessary for your daily tasks just by visiting their website.

    Their software range really covers everything you'll ever need. It covers latest versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Office solutions, anti-virus software to keep your computer safe by McAfee, Symantec and AVG and solutions by Sage and QuickBooks to keep your business up and running.
    You see, this complete range of software products is what makes them special but there's more to it. If you order from them the postage is free anywhere in the world and this only one exclusive offer you can get from them. You can also have 10% discount off the original price if you provide a coupon code.

    Let's get a little bit more detail on the software available. Windows range is incredible, you can choose either the latest Windows Vista, from Home to Business and Ultimate versions, or you can go for Windows XP which has become the world's best operating system, both available in OEM versions too.
    It's also good to know you're not buying a cat in a bag – they offer detailed descriptions of every product available in their web shop.

    If you need software solutions for professional design or just your own creativity you can select what you need from their Adobe range. Get Adobe's Creative Suite 2 as a whole or only buy the applications you need. Full range of Macromedia products is also included of course. You can have Flash or Dreamweaver for very low prices. Unfortunately the CS2 version is to be discontinued but the new CS3 version will be added.

    We all need to write documents from time to time. An annoying task for some is a day-job for others but Microsoft Office simplifies it for all of us and the best way to go is the newest version It is offered in all versions from Standard to UltimateMicrosoft Office 2007. , Student edition too and you won't find it cheaper and I probably don't even have to say that OEM versions are available too.

    Are you running a small or a medium business? If that is the case, you might find it easier to manage your business process by using software solutions by Sage or QuickBooks and they are also available in the SOFTWAREMS (Software Made Easy) web shop. Manage your own bookkeeping or manage employee's payrolls easier.

    Now that you have everything you need you should keep your computers safe. Malicious software and computer attacks have become a sad reality in the past few years and no one is safe from them without proper protection. SoftwareMS offers that protection. At their website you can find the best computer security solutions by McAfee, Symantec and AVG. Get multiple licenses for the best anti-virus solutions available to protect your home or small business. The McAfee range is more business oriented, while the Symantec range offers home and business solutions alike.

    You can see that I mentioned that OEM products were available. The reason for this is if you're system builder you can get the software for your custom built systems from SoftwareMS. This makes it easier for you to work because you know you have a steady supplier for your software needs.

    One more thing about Software Made Simple could interest you. It's dropshipping. In basic terms, dropshipping is a simple way of selling products without having the need for a warehouse. When people order from you and pay you for their order, you contact your supplier and send them the money for the product; your supplier sends the software directly to your customers without mentioning themselves and you keep part of the original price as your profit. So you can run your own business without worrying about packaging and dispatching the product and you also save money because there is no need to store the products. Well SoftwareMS offers a dropshipping service for its customers and also provides contracts for businesses which require discounted prices.

    Opening such an account with SoftwareMS is very easy, and it's available anywhere in the world. You don't need to be a UK resident to make the best out of this amazing offer. All you need to do is to register for the service for your first order and that's it. You can find more information on this subject here.

    SoftwareMS will also provide software finance and lease to all UK consumers and businesses. Leasing software has become somewhat of a trend. And many individuals find it better than buying software solutions. SOFTWAREMS is following this market trend and isn't lagging behind like other companies.

    If you're worried about technical support their customer service offers 24/7 support over e-mail which will soon be upgraded to live support on their website. You will be able to ask questions and get help immediately. And best of all the service will be free and easy as chatting with someone online.

    Shipping usually takes up to 2 business days and your package is shipped the next business day after placing your order. So you know you'll have what you ordered for quickly. If you have more questions you can always contact them. You will get a response swiftly.

    So, you're probably asking how to buy the products offered. It's even easier than visiting a store since you never need to leave the comfort of your arm chair. Use the simple web basket, select the goods you want and place an order. If you're from UK you can even pay via postal order. But they also accept major credit and debit cards, personal cheques, and bank transfers and cash orders. The safety of the web shop has been thoroughly checked and there's nothing to worry about when ordering online from them.

    So I guess the real question is what are you waiting for? Get the applications you need quickly, safely and cheaply from Software Made Simple.

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