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Software to Automatically Submit Your Content (Memes, Quote, Funny Pictures..etc)

Discussion in 'Content' started by fpforumstrike, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. fpforumstrike

    fpforumstrike New Member Webmaster


    Do you currently run funny image, quote, or meme/gag related websites? Are your constantly looking for new ways to increase backlinks and traffic to these types of sites? If you answered Yes to either of these questions then continue reading below..

    This new software saves you tons of time by submitting your websites' content to other relevant funny image related sites automatically! FunnySubmit is a unique Windows application that contains over 200 funny-image related websites which are currently open to visitor image submissions. You simply input your pages Title, Image and Source URL - then press Start. The software will visit each website and automatically submit your content for approval.

    Submit to Over 200 Websites Automatically - The software will take image details you specify and automatically submit them to over 250 other funny image related websites that are currently open for visitor submissions. The software contains two lists with over 100 websites each! There is no difference between the two lists, they are simply two different popular funny image/meme scripts out on the market today.

    Ability to Test Submission Sites before Submitting - Some website owners may change their script after a while. Sometimes a website owner may choose not to renew their domain and decide to let it expire instead. Our software will let you test each list before you start submitting so the software doesn’t waste time trying to submit your images into websites that are no longer compatible.

    Multi-Threaded means Multi-Tasking - The software runs on multiple threads which means you can perform more than one task on the application at once. So while you’re sitting and testing the submission websites you can also be inputting the photo details you plan to submit once the testing is done!

    Log and Progress Bar to Track Statuses - You can easily see how far along the submission process is by viewing the progress bar. You can also track submission status by viewing the log and counters inside the application!

    How Does FunnySubmit Help You? It's simple. By submitting your websites funny images or memes and including the source URL you are gaining both a backlink going back to your website, as well as potential traffic from other websites visitors.

    Are My Images Automatically Approved? Some websites may have automatic approval enabled, but most do not. In most cases your images will need to be approved by the site owners which means you should only be submitting your best and most relevant content.

    Price: $39.95 - Order Now

    Discount for Forum Members
    Use the coupon code 10OFF and receive $10 off your purchase!

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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