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Sources of Internet Marketing

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by Eliza, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Eliza

    Eliza New Member Webmaster

    Hi all,

    Here are some sources of internet marketing and traffic.

    1. Article Marketing - One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website is through the use of article marketing. This is one of the oldest techniques for generating traffic, but it's still one of the best.

    2. Viral Ebooks - Why not bundle your articles together and create a viral ebook? Giving away free ebooks is one of the best ways to generate traffic online. It's also one of the best ways to build your mailing list. You can submit your PDF ebooks to Scribd, eSnips, DocStoc, Calameo, Issuu, Yudu, FreeIQ, and ButterflyReports.

    3. Blogging - Blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business. Blogging is a great way to get to know your readers. Plus, blogging can play a major role in getting valuable search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    4. Submit your articles to CarnivalBlogs. A blog carnival is a collection of blog posts on a particular subject. They are then posted together on on blog - called a host. The host (who is also a blogger), publishes the carnival on their blog, with links to each blog post that has been submitted.
    This creates an excellent opportunity to get your blog posts shared on other blogs.

    5. Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites.
    Social Bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to get extra traffic and links coming into your blog. Social bookmarking allows Internet users to save and organize bookmarks to a public website, tag them with keywords, share them with others, and browse what
    others have bookmarked. Digg, Delicious, Mixx, and Digg are just a few of the social bookmarking sites you can use to maximize your exposure.

    6. Ustream.tv - Ustream allows you to create your very own tv station on the Web. However, it's better than TV because it's a live, interactive experience. While you're broadcasting the video, you're also getting feedback from the live chatroom.
    Ustream gives your business a human face and a real personality. This is extremely valuable, because people like to buy and interact with people, not impersonal companies.
    Live video allows you to reach entirely new audiences and develop a much greater level of engagement. A deeper level of engagement almost allows equates to a higher conversion rate when done correctly.
    It's also an excellent way to get feedback from your audience.

    7. Forum Marketing - Forums are another way to drive targeted visitors to your website. The key to getting quality traffic from forums is to find a forum that is highly targeted to your website, become involved in the community, and create a benefit-laden signature.
    You can put a link back to your website in your signature. It's critical that you use your signature to offer something of extreme value along with a good call-to-action. Otherwise, why would anybody click?

    8. Interviews are another great way to generate traffic.
    When you interview a fellow blogger, they will almost always publish a link to the interview on their blog. At the same time, you are also sending traffic to their website by posting the interview on your own blog.
    This can be a very effective technique for generating traffic and meeting new bloggers. Unfortunately, most people are just afraid to ask.

    9. Build a List - If you're not building a list, you're missing out on a major source of ongoing traffic. Your list is the most valuable asset in your business.
    Best of all, it can be leveraged at anytime to drive a funnel of visitors to your website.

    10. Video Marketing - Video sites have quickly become some of the most highly trafficked sites on the Internet, making them one of the best places to generate lots of extra traffic.
  2. George1985

    George1985 New Member Webmaster

    Also social networking advertising is also a good idea for internet advertising, as you can get many visitors that way but you have to target the right group as well. Facebook, myspace, twitter are all good sources for this type of advertising.
  3. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Nice article.

    Nice article. Keep posting more.
  4. Robdale

    Robdale New Member Webmaster

    You have forgot the Link Exchange is also a way to get traffic.
  5. CoolDude55

    CoolDude55 New Member Webmaster

    Nice article this is very informative, keep it up.
  6. Eliza

    Eliza New Member Webmaster

    Thank you guys for appreciation. thats true i skipped some great sources like
    social networking
    Link exchange
    Email marketing
    Geo Marketing
    Press Releases

    Please do contribute more.... would be help for everybody!!
  7. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Regarding UStream.tv

    Does Ustream.tv help in creating your own video. I do not know how a video is created for a website, I would really like to know.
  8. Arleigh

    Arleigh New Member Webmaster

    You can also include participating in answer sites like yahoo answers, yedda, wiki and answerbag. This is also an effective way to drive additional traffic to your site...

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