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Spam in Blogs

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by rajivweb, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. rajivweb

    rajivweb New Member Webmaster

    Spam in blogs is the placing or solicitation of links randomly on other sites, placing a desired keyword into the hyperlinked text of the inbound link. Guest books, forums, blogs, and any site that accepts visitors' comments are particular targets and are often victims of drive-by spamming where automated software creates nonsense posts with links that are usually irrelevant and unwanted. Many of the blogs like, Wordpress or Blogger, make their comments sections nofollow by default due to concerns over spam.
  2. govindsharan

    govindsharan New Member Webmaster

    And to stop spamming you can use the tools into your blog so that you will get spam comments and content.
  3. stefijain

    stefijain Member Webmaster

    this is normal now a days, anyone come go on any blogs and they post comments, they do not talk about your blog or post, no relevant comment you talking for another business or topic they will talk on another topic, just title and website url will be good to get backlinks from you blogs, me too get so many comments on my blog but always i mark as spam to them.

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