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Special Offer Article Packages !

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by scfc16, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. scfc16

    scfc16 New Member Webmaster

    Special Offer Article Packages !!!!

    Hi Guys, this is an offer not to be missed !!

    I have a team of writers from around the globe and we can offer you a one time special offer of :

    ***10 500 word articles for $40 dollars!!!***

    Yes you didnt read it incorrectly the offer CANNOT be missed ! !

    My team can offer you articles on any subject , and whats more there are writers allotted to their area of expertise.

    Yes folks we can offer articles galore, along with web content, letters, CVs

    Any words that you require !!
    An offer you truly cannot miss out on ,

    The first 3 people to place an order and testify can snap up the package at just $30 !!!! :winkiss:

    Thats it a $10 discount to the first 3 that testify .

    Just Pm me the details!
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  2. clangallacher

    clangallacher New Member Webmaster


    I will be your first customer, (Send Example) can you provide all 10 on the same topic:?


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  3. scfc16

    scfc16 New Member Webmaster


    Thats great we can provide all 10 on same topic (different titles )

    I will allot the package to the best suited writer.

    Please send me the titles. Due to the popularity of our offer , we are asking for a MAX of 3 days delivery. We can deliver sooner in most cases.

    I just ask for titles :winkiss:

    Kind regards
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  4. scfc16

    scfc16 New Member Webmaster


    As you probably know this is a difficult to write up on , however my writer managed to write 10 high quality articles on tattoos !!!

    To most of us, each tattoo design thats indelibly inked into our skin has a particular meaning and often carries a specific symbolism with it that makes a very personal statement about your world. Sometimes amongst a bird tattoo design or a lotus, the lotus is chosen due to its symmetry and color. Otherwise the choice of a lower back or tail bone tattoo design is based on the deeper meaning and symbolism of an image.

    Many people also have their own perceptions about a suitable position to get the tattoo done. So good news for all the tribal art enthusiasts is that there is hardly any place where a tribal tattoo doesn’t fit onto. Probably the most popular of all is the armband, be they flames, barbed wire or intricate knot work. Tribal suns are considered great for chests and shoulders.

  5. scfc16

    scfc16 New Member Webmaster

    Article offer!!

    Hi Guys ,

    There are 2 wise Ukwebmasters that have taken up the offer, would a third party like to take advantage of our promotion!?

    We kindly ask for 5 days as of now for turn over as this is a promo running around the web and we are in reciept of a high order volume !

    Kind regards,

    Clare :kneeled:
    - Just one more $5 discount up for grabs (if you testify $10!! )

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