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SponSpot Web Directory with a difference

Discussion in 'Services' started by temi, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    There are hundreds of link directories in the cyberspace and a million web pages in it, competing to find a place to be amongst the top of the listings in each category, whenever searched. Back links from top ranked website works, but then what difference it could make if all other websites in the same directory has already have links to the particular page? These are some inevitable facts pertaining to free web and link directories, which unfortunately an individual cannot change or influence in a big way even if he/she wishes to do so. If your website is really good and there are no competitors to your portal, it might come up in the order of listings. Else, everywhere, it is going to be a long drawn out struggle, the money and time you invest in promoting your site not withstanding.

    SponSpot tries to find a onetime solution to this issue, but you as a website owner might have to shell out few dollars to claim that superiority in the directory listing. It works like this – SponSpot ranks the website listings based on the number of Spons each website has, which the website owner can purchase for a nominal amount ($10 for 20 Spons). The more Spons a website has, higher it will figure in the category listings pertaining to the content of the website. The top 10 ‘Spons’ will appear in the homepage and the #1 Spon website will have a site wide link. And the biggest advantage of this Spon based listing is that at any time one could go back and buy more Spons are boost one’s existing category rankings. The ranking is solely based on the number of Spons a website has and nothing else. If you have more Spons, naturally it will reflect on your directory rankings. Finally, in SponSpot, it is a lifetime listing. That is, even if you don’t buy Spons periodically, the listing once done will remain intact forever, no matter how many new web pages have been added to your category since or are being added daily.

    But, that leaves one question unanswered; how a client would realize if his/her website’s rank has been dipped or some new website has acquired more Spons and boosted their position in the directory listing ahead of his/hers? Well, website owners need not worry about such a possibility as SponSpot had made sure that the clients are informed frequently and promptly about their current directory rankings, if any major change takes place in their position. In other words, the website owners will get an email if their rankings drop – that is, somebody else improves his/her website rankings by buying more Spons – so that they can also take the necessary steps to restore parity. This is a service SponSpot does for free.

    To know more about SponSpot and Spons visit the SponSpot homepage - Sponsor a Spot! Site promotion and advertising - and click on the "Add Spons, Submit Link, or Add site" links to submit your websites. If you have any queries that require clarification, contact the SponSpot customer care team.

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