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Squidoo charity fund

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by temi, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I am not desperate for money from Squidoo but I am keep that have decided to award $8.32 of my earning to some faceless charity I have never heard of, the information from my control panel about my earning is posted below.
    Does anyone know what charity they give the money to? or are the directors of Squidoo the charitable causes the payment goes to.

    Perhaps I have not read their terms properly but should I not be the one to determin how the money is disbursed?

    YOUR ROYALTIES (04/01/2008 to 04/30/2008)
    Your previous balance + previous Refer-A-Friend bonuses = $8.32
    Your new lens earnings this period = $1.63
    Total earnings = $9.95!

    So, here's how you're donating your $9.95...

    $8.67 has been donated in your name to Squidoo Charity Fund.
    $1.28 will be held in your Reserve Hopper (you haven't quite reached your Cash Payout Threshold, so this amount will roll over until you do).
  2. DanielEZPZ

    DanielEZPZ New Member Webmaster

    From looking at this page, it looks like you can specify which charity you want it to go to.

    From their FAQ..

  3. Gorkfu

    Gorkfu New Member Webmaster

    I didn't even know that a percentage of it was given to charity. Good to know that little tidbit.
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Well they must have got their maths wring in my case, I was supposed to have earned $9.95 and all of it was donated to charity on my behalf :)
  5. Sportsgreen

    Sportsgreen New Member Webmaster

    You could always opt to recieve the payments yourself and then make a donation to your chosen charity.
  6. Roo

    Roo New Member Webmaster

    Temi, for someone who hasn't been on squidoo long and has only created a few lenses you should be quite pleased with that sum.
    If you want to donate it to charity you can specify on each lens which charity you would like to see benefit, and also you choose a percentage to donate rather than just all.

    The Squidoo Charity Fund is a big pot that is quite seperate from the individual donations from lens royalties. Squidoo work it like this - for every £1.05 earned by a lens, or from banner and text ads (google & glam) 50cents goes to the lensmaster (or the pot to be shared according to lensrank), 50 cents to cover squidoo running costs, servers, equipments, staff & a modest profit for Seth, and the remaining 5 cents goes into 'The Squidoo Charity Fund'.

    The choices of which charity to donate your profits from a lens is quite large, with smaller local charities to big international ones. Some lens types are defaulted to donate to certain charities, you can easily change this so you keep all the money, or donate a percentage.

    If the charity you wish to donate to isn't on the list the simplest way to do this is to accept the 'I Want It All' and donate yourself when you receive the paypal payment. This also has the benefit that you can then, usually, offset this against Tax due on earnings, inmost countries anyway, best talk to your accountant if you wish to do this. Money donated directly through squidoo can not be classed as earnings you are donating though.

    For more info about the squidoo charity fund this lens is quite a good explanation - Squidoo Charity Fund - Donate Your Squidoo Lens Royalties
  7. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    As ever Roo, thanks very much for your detailed explanation :)

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