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Start your own online store with YourOwnStore Internet Franchise

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by josh, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. josh

    josh New Member Webmaster

    If you don?t really know much about the online world, then starting your own online store might seem like a bit of a daunting task and it really is if you are doing it alone. However, there are some fantastic ways to start a great quality online store for quite a low cost and you will get all of the training you need too. One of the ways to start your own online store is through the YourOwnStore franchise which is available for a relatively low cost. [​IMG] The YourOwnStore franchise model works as follows: you will get your own website which will be created by the franchise team which will focus on a particular niche area of the online market. The store will sell products that are already in the store?s inventory and that you do not have to worry about. All you have to do is then to let the website do all of the work for you and when people purchase products, you will earn a commission on the sales as it is your store. At no point will you ever have to pack and ship products as this is all handled for you. The great thing about this franchise is that the earning potential is what you make it. It will be your job to get people to come to your online store and to get people to buy things. This means that it will completely depend on the amount of time you put into the website and business that will affect your earnings. You will earn on the website from commission on sales and you will be paid every 15 days via cheque or bank transfer. As a bonus, you can also earn from Google adverts on the website. The YourOwnStore franchise will provide you will all of the training and support you need to run the business for just ?1,800 in some cases. This is a very low cost franchise but you have to ask yourself; would it be easier and cheaper to set up a store yourself? This will most likely depend on your web and website design knowledge. The franchise is legitimate however and would work if you put enough effort into it.

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