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Stop upsetting your buyers, we all will suffer.

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by Alternative4u, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Alternative4u

    Alternative4u New Member Webmaster

    Why on earth are lots of E Commerce shops still trying to put people off from buying from them?
    Lots of shops try to deter you by making you start an account with them, even if your only going to spend £10 with them, they also want to know too much about you, only a name, card details, and house details should be enough, and no we do not want to be forced onto mailing lists either.
    Also another thing shops do to deter you from buying again is they are STILL keeping your card details on record so they can bill you again.
    Another thing to I and others hate is why do most memberships of sites renew your membership auto on date it expires? that is not good as you may get fed up with the site, never want anything from the site, never log-in again yet they charge your card auto, is that legal? it happens lots I am told.
    One new thing that is happening now is that all E commerce shops are being checked by Government departments inc Tax evasion, or claiming benefits while selling on line, this has already started in the UK and I'm told that men in black suits are already knocking on doors, and benefits stopping quite sudden.
  2. healthtourism

    healthtourism New Member Webmaster

  3. James123

    James123 New Member Webmaster

    i'm sure there's a law in the US which allows businesses to email someone who has purchased one of their products legally for the next 2 years.. someone who knows this law.. feel free to correct me though.

    Some see keeping your details on file as a convenience, so I don't think most consumers would agree with that.
  4. WOHO

    WOHO New Member Webmaster

    how to protect the comsumer's privacy is the problem, 17.gif i think even the facebook cannot be sure of doing in a good way !so the law will be the protection ,but for oneself he should take more care of this !

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