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Strategies for obtaining SEO clients

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by realistic, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. realistic

    realistic New Member Webmaster

    As an SEO do you have process you go through to attract your clients. Obviously I do not expect people to spill their secrets on how they get clients, but what methods have people found the most successful?

    Cold calling? cold emailing? face-to-face networking?

    Also, which industries have you found most receptive to SEO?
  2. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    Through SEO its self , Targeting Smaller keywords which your local business would be searching is a good place to start . Alot of these local keywords dont usually carry that much competition so start there and build up.

    70% of my overall client base are local companies targeting their local keywords too , it makes life very very easy and they are still paying customers.

    One you have captured the local , you can then spread out to counties, Entire UK ( providing your in the UK ) and then take on the world muhahaha......sorry got carried away ;)

    I find its best to stay away from freelance sites and other webmasters as they,for some reason want to pay you less normally for more competitive keywords i.e more work for you.

    Competitive isnt a bad thing but its always harder to work with someone that has "a bit of SEO understanding" because they read something on a forum and start to question what and why you are doing it.

    So really , if your starting out the rule is start small and work your way up.

    Just my 2 cents , other people may look at it differently.
  3. andrewhayn1

    andrewhayn1 New Member Webmaster

    Social Networking, Blogging, Using Forums is the best idea.
    Maintaining a good website with better positions for SEO keywords is also important.
  4. justinmarch

    justinmarch New Member Webmaster

    Referrals & Targeting local related terms
  5. Paul28

    Paul28 New Member Webmaster

    I second that. I'm concentrating a lot on Blogging.

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