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Stupid Labels - If you dont laugh at least once you are dead!

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Robocop, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Robocop

    Robocop New Member Webmaster

    A label on a baby stroller warns: “Remove child before folding

    A brass fishing lure with a three-pronged hook on the end warns: “Harmful if swallowed

    A popular scooter for children warns: "This product moves when used."

    A nine- by three-inch bag of air used as packing material cautions: "Do not use this product as a toy, pillow, or flotation device."

    A flushable toilet brush warns: "Do not use for personal hygiene."

    The label on an electric hand blender promoted for use in "blending, whipping, chopping and dicing," warns: "Never remove food or other items from the blades while the product is operating."

    A digital thermometer that can be used to take a person's temperature several different ways warns: "Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally."

    The label on a bottle of drain cleaner warns: “If you do not understand, or cannot read, all directions, cautions and warnings, do not use this product.â€

    A smoke detector warns: “Do not use the Silence Feature in emergency situations. It will not extinguish a fire.â€

    A massage chair warns: “DO NOT use massage chair without clothing... and, Never force any body part into the backrest area while the rollers are moving.â€

    A cardboard car sunshield that keeps sun off the dashboard warns, “Do not drive with sunshield in placeâ€

    An “Aim-n-Flame†fireplace lighter cautions, “Do not use near fire, flame or sparksâ€

    A label on a hand-held massager advises consumers not to use “while sleeping or unconsciousâ€

    A 12-inch rack for storing compact disks warns: “Do not use as a ladder.â€

    A cartridge for a laser printer warns, “Do not eat toner†(if you dont laught at this you really must be dead)

    A 13-inch wheel on a wheelbarrow warns: “Not intended for highway useâ€

    A can of self-defense pepper spray warns users: “May irritate eyesâ€

    A warning on a pair of shin guards manufactured for bicyclists says: “Shin pads cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover.â€

    A snowblower warns: “Do not use snowthrower on roof.â€

    A dishwasher carries this warning: “Do not allow children to play in the dishwasher.â€

    A popular manufactured fireplace log warns: “Caution - Risk of Fireâ€

    And finally

    A warning on an electric drill made for carpenters cautions: “This product not intended for use as a dental drill.â€

    On a Swedish chainsaw -- "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or genitals." :D :D :D
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I love the Swedish chainsaw warning most. If not for the warning the first think that would come to me when trying to stop a chainsaw is to use my genitalia, should that fail, next obvious thing is my tongue :) :) :)
  3. gkd_uk

    gkd_uk Guest

    Lol, nice one Robocop :) :)
  4. Piotrek

    Piotrek Guest


    But sadly the thing is all those labells come from situations that someone has already tried it... O_O

    On the other hand - first best thing to solve the problem of stupidity over the world - remove all safty labells and let the problem sort itself ;)
  5. Robocop

    Robocop New Member Webmaster

    Seeing your avatar Peotrek i do hope it was NOT you that wrote this one :eek:

  6. Piotrek

    Piotrek Guest

    Good thing you added that 'NOT' :p

    No, if I had written it it would be: "Do not attempt to stop the chain saw with other people hands or genitals or whatever, unless you don't mind to get a bit dirty..."
  7. Robocop

    Robocop New Member Webmaster

    Did pannick a bit after hitting the submit button :D

  8. Piotrek

    Piotrek Guest

    hahaha :D
    I'm not that scary, am I?

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