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Super-fast Internet

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by kappa84, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. kappa84

    kappa84 Senior Member Webmaster

    US Internet provider Comcast offers starting this week a 50 mbps connection for it’s clients.The new technology is called “wideband connection” and it seems that it could deliver speeds as high as 160 mbps. Comcast’s initial targets are businesses that require a high-end Internet connection.

    This 50 mbps connection comes with a rate of 150$ per month, a high price for high speeds.

    Comcast is the company that blocked user’s acces to Bittorrent file transfer and got sued for it’s practices. With consumer rights advocates and supporters of Net Neutrality pushing it in court to stop blocking user’s acces to Bittorent file transfer, finally Comcast has stopped this practice.

    Source: arstechnica.com

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