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THE #1 rule to being or becoming RICH

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by daanmc86, May 28, 2009.

  1. daanmc86

    daanmc86 New Member Webmaster

    A lot of people today have only one source of income, yeah that's right one source of income and a savings account so....let's say if something like an economic crisis was to happen..again and you was laid off from your job that means you're without income and you depend on the avings until it runs out then what next.....
    According to Rich dad poor dads theory we should create asset columns. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket and a liability takes out your pocket. Stop blaming the president' your bosses or employers it's your fault because you depend on your job so much you don't have a plan B or several assets to support you just in case some crisis occurs
    If you only have one primary source of income and you lose that but you have 7 assets that means you have 7 ways of income coming to you even though you lost you rjob or career so it doesnt matter if there's a recession and your job is doing down sizing so what , or your boss want give you that promotion so what or you can't get that better paying job SO WHAT!!!! you have 7 assets and thats the number rule to being rich having asset columns or having more asset columns than liabilities
  2. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Invest the money

    It's better to invest the money. Invest it in Mutual Funds, Stock Market, real estate. It will make you rich.

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