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The significance of mobile internet

Discussion in 'Mobile and Applications' started by melkior_inactive, May 18, 2007.

  1. When talking about mobile internet, various people have different associations.
    The mobile internet I'm talking about here is the XHTML MP over Wap 2.0. It's basically mobile phones internet.

    It has been present for a long time now. But the potential of this particular technology has yet to be unleashed. The greatest percentage of WAP accessile pages are home pages of mobile providers and/or mobile phone makers.
    Their only use now is that people can add content (wallpapers, ringtones...) to their phones, or read news. All in all nothing special.

    We all obviously have internet access, most of the time. But not all the time. But most of us have a mobile phone with us all the time. So we carry the internet in our pocket.

    There have been many studies which tried to explain how and how often do people use their mobiles to access the internet. None of them have been conclusive and they all had different results. And it's really not a suprise.
    Although this is a technology that has been available for a long time it's still under development and further uses are yet to be discovered.

    Creating a page viewable on mobile phones isn't complicated. It's like creating any XHTML page, all you need to do is follow the XHTML MP (Mobile Profile) guidelines. You can even add CSS to create the overall design of the website.

    Some will argue that not all mobile phones will display the page the same way, so that tends to scare people off. But when you think about it, do all browsers on your PC display the page the same way? Not really. Just remember all the times when you needed to create separate CSS for IE or similar problems.
    See what I mean?

    One potential way of using this technology is allowing your blog readers to read your posts on the road. There are even plugins which allow you to create WAP pages without any hassle.
    But why would you go through all the trouble to do this?

    Well, WAP hasn't been exploited for marketing at all? You can't add AdSense or Clicksor of course but you can sell text link ads on your mobile phone sites. Search engines also give you additional points if you're running a WAP version of your site.

    And in the end you can tell all your users they can check for new information/products whenever they want to by pressing a few buttons on their mobile phone.

    Also, it's very important to keep WAP pages simple. Just a simple logo and text. A few icons and that's it. Remember, WAP is about information, not about who has the best design.
  2. shaun

    shaun New Member Webmaster

    hey melki

    i came tto know more about moble internet only through ur thread.i just went into deep knowledge of it only because of u.so thank u ...god bless u..


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