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The ULTIMATE Proxy KIT - The Complete Package on Proxies to earn $1000+ a month ! ! !

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by shyntaxx, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. shyntaxx

    shyntaxx New Member Webmaster

    Hello everyone,

    Are you looking for a way to earn $1000+ a month with proxies. Are you
    tired of buying eBooks that require you to spend quite a bit more money
    before you are even able to start with the methods inside. I have decided
    to provide an answer to your problems with the Ultimate Proxy Kit.

    The Ultimate Proxy Kit is just what it says it is, a KIT. It includes almost
    everything you need to start your own proxies earning $1000+ a month.
    The Ultimate Proxy Kit includes the following:

    The Ultimate Proxy eBook - a 12 page eBook which will guide you step
    by step on how to earn $1000 with proxies.

    Access to 12 UNIQUE Proxy Templates Most proxy guides will just tell
    you to go to a free template site, download a crap template with low CTR's
    and use that. Instead, I have had 12 proxy templates custom made for me,
    which I will be sharing with those who purchase this kit. These templates
    cost me hundreds of dollars and will give you the high CTR you need to
    operate a sucessful proxy.

    Almost FREE Proxy Hosting - I have made a deal with one of most
    reputed proxy hosts and have got a great deal for you. 90% off your
    proxy hosting account. This means that instead of paying $5-15 dollars on
    quality proxy hosting, you can use the coupon provided exclusively with
    this kit and get proxy hosting for between $0.50 and $1.49 a month. This
    is not crap hosting, this is quality hosting, guaranteed.

    A secret proxy traffic generator - Unfortunantly, I cannot tell you what
    the secret traffic generator is, but I can tell you that this will make
    promoting your proxies a lot easier. I have seen this script sell for as much
    as $150 elsewhere, I am including it FREE in this proxy kit.

    The only thing you will need to buy outside of this kit is your domains, but
    wait, I give you special discount coupons to save you quite a bit of money
    off your domains.

    This is the complete kit, why buy your proxies from the sites forum when
    you can make your own proxy and earn $1000+ per month. You cannot find
    this kit anywhere else

    This kit will sell for $7. I will give out 1 review copy.
  2. logitech

    logitech New Member Webmaster

    Hi, i am interested in a review copy, is it for free for the first one ??
  3. shyntaxx

    shyntaxx New Member Webmaster

    Yes it is ! I am Pm`d you with a link, waiting for your review please ! ..
  4. logitech

    logitech New Member Webmaster

    Alright so here is the review .. .

    I just finished reading this ebook, now I must say this first. I do a lot of reviews on ebooks and buy a fair few, this one has probably been one of the best I have ever read. The author gives some great bonuses that are worth at least $15 alone. The ebook explains how anyone can make money with proxies, it shows 2-3 great methods on how you can get good and continuous traffic.

    The proxy hosting is unbelievable as well, something that normally costs about $10 - $30 a month is givien to you at only $1! I have yet to check the proxy templates but will shortly. I would say this is defiantly worth the $15 and the profits made can be endless. The guide is very well thought out and a lot of work would have gone into this I am sure.

    Another thing that absolutely astounded me was the author came online and spoke to me about the method. All in all a brilliant guide and great author. 9.5/10 .

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