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Tip: - Migrating MySQL Databases

Discussion in 'Programming' started by maneetpuri, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. maneetpuri

    maneetpuri New Member Webmaster


    Many times I have came across a situation where I have the need of migrating the MySQL Database from one server to another. For small database its very simple export from the source and import at the destination, but when the database is heavy it takes a lot of time in migrating as you have to split the data file into small parts and then import it.

    Recently I found MySQL Migration tool, can be downloaded from MySQL's website and it works simply well with huge databsed too..... define the source and the destination and it will take care of the rest. Its cool.....

    It comes as the part of the MySQL toolkit, which has many other tools for managing and administering MySQL database.

    Try it...


  2. kieransimkin

    kieransimkin New Member Webmaster

    One technique which probably isn't recommended but has worked fine for me - simply copy the actual data files (normally in /var/db) from one server to another. As long as you're running the same version of MySQL on the same architecture it works fine. As a web host, when you're transferring hundreds of customer databases this is often the only practical way to do the transfer - we've done it a good 5 or 6 times now and never had any problems.

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