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Title Tag - 3 keyword phrases or 1 keyword phrase?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by zanet, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. zanet

    zanet New Member Webmaster

    I'm confused as i seem to get two types of advise from the webs SEO experts

    Title Tag is obviously a very important factor for coming high in a SERP.

    But some say choose 3 keyword phrases for each Title and try to write them using approximately 10-12 words in total.


    Others say 1 keyword phrase only per page for the serps

    Are both right?
  2. grado

    grado New Member Webmaster

    no matter 3 keywords in the title or 1 keyword in the title. The title must have keyword. One keyword in the page title will be easy for SEO, and more focus.With H1, Bold, and footer, one keyword title will increase the page authority. Page authority takes up 20% of Google SERP, back links is 25% base on SEOMoza

    Using 3 keyword in the title, we use this strategy in the home page only, not in subpages, because more keyword in the subpage will decrease the SERP.
  3. BobbyS

    BobbyS New Member Webmaster

    Doesn't matter about phrase , let consider you have a web design company , title are like Website Design Company , It is 3 word phrase, but You can target Website Design or Design , or Design Company. Character in title must be around 65.
  4. Dekiweb

    Dekiweb New Member Webmaster

    you have 60 character and is better to fill with relevant keywords for the content of the page. Don't you keywords if are not in the content

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