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Top 50 Traffic Directories List

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by loredan, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. loredan

    loredan Member Webmaster

    I'm going to compile a list of the best 50 directories in terms of traffic without any reference to PR, alexa or any other crap...

    Starting from the idea that traffic is much more important than anything else and listing your website in a directory with lots of traffic might result in a few clicks to your own website as well I'm going to do this list which offers a good alternative to all those PR based lists from submiter point of view.

    How does it work? The list will be updated on monthly basis and the submissions will only be received between 1st and 3rd of each month. If you would like to have your directory listed, you will have to do a quick print screen with the traffic your directory had in the previous month...then submit a clickable link where I can see the screenshot...

    The directories will be listed in order from 1 to 50 depending on the traffic they had the previous month (uniques and visits). I will also add your submission prices and a link to your submit page.

    So... if you have nothing to hide [​IMG] and you think your directory is not worthless in terms of traffic feel free to submit your print screen to

    Top 50 Traffic Directories List

    If your directory will make the Top 50 then it will be listed on our page. Please note...you can submit any type of directory you like, free, paid, bid, niche, etc...On this list just traffic counts [​IMG]

    Thank you
  2. Meti

    Meti New Member Webmaster

    Good idea. I would also like to see that list complete, gives a good picture of which web directories are worth submitting to :)

    - Meti
  3. piet

    piet New Member Webmaster

    thats a good idea.
    will submit mine soon.
  4. technophobicseo

    technophobicseo New Member Webmaster

    thanks for the links mate.. ill submit there right away:D

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