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Total waste of time !!

Discussion in 'iG Shop' started by dsmouse, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. dsmouse

    dsmouse New Member Webmaster

    I've got some experience of installing various shopping carts made for MYSQL. And I've got to say that this is one of the most useless programs I have ever come across. I installed this product as per the instructions and got all the errors that most people are discussing in these forums.

    It realy pi$%es me off when I end up wasting several hours going through forums trying to figure things out. And to discover that just about everyone is getting the same problems.

    The bottom line is, the instructions are not 100% correct. And IGShop isn't programmed correctly.

    For example, the instruction tell you to set 777 permission on various folders but it doesn't tell you what permissions to set on the remaining folders. The instructions also tell you to set your MYSQL settings in the auth.php file but also fails to tell you that these settings also need changing in the same file under the admin folder.

    Looks like it's geared up to tempt you into paying the $50 pro install fee.

    You know what, even if I had a millions dollars, I wouldn't use this program because it is rubbish programming.

    Thank me for wasting my time registering in this forum so I can point this out to everybody.

    The only thing that works here is this forum.

    P.S. Try OSCommerce, it's free and works.
  2. This is the first version of the shop. The first. And not.... . Is FREE and
    possible to install in 15-20 minutes on Linux/Apache-with php and mysql.
    I say this because I installed many copy of the igshop on this servers type.

    Eventulay please look on www.treegolf.com for see the shop in full action.
    I you have the mentioned experience I not know how not possible to install.
  3. resiware

    resiware New Member Webmaster

    Igshop is excellent. I am a PHP programmer and this IS done correctly. If you have such a problem with the script simply make one yourself and then send us a link :) I don't think that will happen. This app is excellent and is well worth 50.00 to install if you do not have the knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

    Thanks you guys for a GREAT application!

    Resiware, Inc.
  4. ixon

    ixon New Member Webmaster

    very bullshit... oscommerce dosen't work either, requires register_globals on
  5. rootlau

    rootlau New Member Webmaster

    I even use CHMOD -R 777 for all folders and files also got the same result... doesn't work...

  6. jacky820

    jacky820 New Member Webmaster

    Hi misi,

    NJice to hear your web site is work. Also I found the application is great for online business, but it seem no much support, and difficult to install for Linux server with PHP4.X and mySql 3.x.

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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