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Traffic Exchanges - Fake or Fame?

Discussion in 'Traffic Generation' started by Bjoern30, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Bjoern30

    Bjoern30 New Member Webmaster

    I recently read an ebook about getting traffic using traffic exchanges - I never used them before - so I signed up with a couple and started surfing to earn some points. Most of the tactics taught by this ebook wouldnt work - cheating is almostimpossible and its so boring I almost felt asleep! LOLThe only thing which might work is buying points - they are quite cheap butI doubt that you will get much leads let alone sales...Maybe I missed out on the real secrets???
  2. zbastian_19

    zbastian_19 New Member Webmaster

    This kind of traffic sources can be useful depend on the sites objectives. Most of e-commerce site ive seen is not giving priority into this type of traffic.
  3. iresh

    iresh New Member Webmaster

    This are are crazy, dont wast your time or money on those, try to make back links =, it can be done by ur self too
  4. johnalex157

    johnalex157 New Member Webmaster

    This so called backlinks are complete fake.... I can explain what they exactly do... Initially they get the money from you... then they start pasting your links in some unknown directories some of them run by themselves.... while advertising they will show the page with good pr.. remember in the most of the websites, only the index page has good pr.... the rest has 0.. These fake marketers paste your links is unknown territories of their website which always goes unnoticed by major search engines.. one good way to confirm is to use yahoo site explorer where you can check backlinks of each and every page of a website.. if they cannot have sufficient backlinks they cannot provide you either.. good luck..
  5. manishchauhan

    manishchauhan New Member Webmaster

    I never understand why you want bulk of traffic on your website. everybody wants that their website should get at least million of visitors per month but nobody is keen to know what should be the quality of the traffic. These traffic exchange programs would never send you relevant traffic and they will just add more cost as you have to pay for more bandwidth.

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