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Traffic starting to stagnate any tips on how to increase it?

Discussion in 'Traffic Generation' started by stifler, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. stifler

    stifler Guest

    actually posting to social bookmakrs is not effective for getting a lot of traffic. You should use search engines to get traffic or go on with forum marketing
  2. cineclube

    cineclube Guest

    but social bookmarks work for increase indexing...
  3. pow-wow

    pow-wow New Member Webmaster

    Get related links pointing to your website, you can check out Link Exchange Forum for honest link partners and do some press release for your web site.
  4. airforce1

    airforce1 New Member Webmaster

    I would recommend use the social media like twitter and facebook. It is a nice traffic source if you use your keywords skillfully and write attractive ads. :)
  5. TaylorSEO

    TaylorSEO New Member Webmaster

    Hi Sneblot,

    Great to see you are enjoying blogging and providing people with great content!

    However there are a few SEO basics I would get sorted before you dive into social media marketing.

    Now, some of the things I suggest may not be possible because your blog is hosted by Blogger. If you want to get serious I suggest migrating to Wordpress as it already covers many SEO basics. That aside, here are a few things I think need work.

    1. Recode Your Headers

    Your site has no H1 headers and the date line is occupying the H2 headers. Your blog post titles are way down at H3 level.

    To optimise, follow these tips:

    a) The blog home page should have an H1 tag that contains your brand name and an important keyword.

    b) On article pages, the article title should be in an H1 tag.

    c) Subheadings in the article should be H2 and H3 tags.

    d) Remove the H2 tags from around the date line on ALL pages. By leaving it there you are telling Google that the date is important. For SEO purposes it is not.

    e) Remove H2 tags from all non-important phrases. You currently have H2s around phrases like 'Subscribers' and 'AddThis'.

    2. Move CSS To Exteral File

    The first 200-300 lines of your HTML code is taken up by CSS! This really needs to go in an external file. The reason is simply. You are diluting the content of the page and making it difficult for Google to work out what your page is about. Important content like headers need to go as close to the top of your HTML code as possible.

    3. Optimise Your Images

    You have some really beautiful images on the site. Here are a couple of tips for SEO optimising them.

    a) Include keywords in the filenames. Don't call it '5_flat1.jpg'. Call it 'fiat-lux-illusionist-lamp-1.jpg'.

    b) Add a keyword rich ALT tag to the HTML code. Again, I would put something like 'Fiat Lux Illusionist Lamp'.

    c) Add a TITLE tag to the IMG element. Again, add a keyword rich title.

    d) Don't use the same ALT or TITLE tag on the same page.

    Using these image tips you will not only boost organic rankings but also start to get traffic from Google Image search!

    3. General Article Writing Tips

    a) Use keyword rich subheadings

    b) Add keywords to the first and last paragraphs of your article. (But don't keyword stuff!

    4. Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues On Blogs

    Woah I could write an entire essay on this, but here are my tops tips:

    a) Don't put the entire content of posts on the home page. Include the first paragraph only, then link to the full article. Otherwise Google may not know which page to rank higher. The same applies for category and archive pages.

    b) Add the NOINDEX meta tag to your blog archive pages (sometimes I'll do category pages as well).

    5) Keyword Research?

    From just looking at the blog I'm not really certain what keywords you are targeting. Do you have a keyword list?

    Hope all these tips help. Getting the on-page elements of a site correct provide a rock solid base on which to build.

    You've got some great content, so go out and make sure people find it!
  6. sweetfranky

    sweetfranky New Member Webmaster

    The best free backlinks are articles, forum posts, blog comment and profile links. Just stick to these and you should be able to rank up in less then 3 months. Hope this helps! :D
  7. icecape67

    icecape67 New Member Webmaster

    you can always pay for some adwords

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