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UK Directories that provide decent traffic

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by mowd, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. mowd

    mowd New Member Webmaster

    Is there any UK web directories that provide decent traffic to your website.
  2. clangallacher

    clangallacher New Member Webmaster

  3. Meti

    Meti New Member Webmaster

    I think Haabaa is a great source for traffic, operated by Temi. Haabaa is one of the most well-known web directories around, provides a vast range of features for its users and should be a great source for traffic.

  4. hsc-online

    hsc-online New Member Webmaster

    yes temi correct. Haabaa good uk directory.
  5. vicdigi

    vicdigi New Member Webmaster

    you may want to take a look at our sig links
  6. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    • Look for established directories, preferably specialist in a certain industry.
    • Ignore the empty ones, as nobody searches them. No businesses listed.
    • Most only set up for submitters and to rake in fees so avoid becos they won't last long. And you want your link to survive don't you!
    The good ones will last (and so will your link) - you can tell:

    Nice, attractive design
    Established at least 2 years
    Have hundreds of business already listed
    Good value and reasonable fees
    Non-adsense (preferably)
    Might be more than a directory
    Could be part of a larger company
    Lists non-webmaster sites
    Probably specialises in something (If so, users will trust)
    Owner will have passion eg: not in it for the buck

    If the above is true, then it likely gets good traffic. Sometimes you can tell a lot about a site by how good the design is, so use that as a first step kind of guide, than judging by Pagerank or Alexa etc.

    If the directory is brand newish and fees are high (£50+), stay away from it. It won't get the traffic.

    Golden rule: If hardly any sites listed, then nobody knows about it, lists their sites or pays for enhanced adverts.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
  7. George1985

    George1985 New Member Webmaster

    True, but also theres not many quality UK directory's with high PR, and the ones that do charge a very high rate to list your website on there. Is there any directories that has a good PR but is free with no reciprocal?
  8. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    There's not unfortuntely, many are sadly, set up to sell PR and offer zero return for your advertisers, which goes against a search engine existence.

    A site is supposed to deliver:

    Conversion to sales
    Be noticed

    now all people think matter is pagerank, probably becos their selling PR themselves. This is why I only seek out targeted sites, at least hopefully some target visitors come my way. I said hopefully and not certainty becos few even do that these days. Directories isn't what I spend my cash on anyway, not the bulk of it I don't.

    Few decent resources out there, which probably explains that it's such a risk setting one up, it costs thousands to do it properly, and a directory can still fail - losing all that money. Best thing to do is thoroughly check out what you pay for and set a limit on what you spend for a link.


    Will it fit my industry
    Will it send traffic
    How much is each link
    Chances of directory shutting down
    Will it's domain be memorable
    How established is it
    Who's behind the directory (Professional company or idiot)
    Is it a scam or genuine business
    Does it promote itself beyond PR or link hoarding
    Does it look crap or cheap
    What are it's intentions/future

    Chances are it's none of the above, but I suggest monitoring each one (that you consider quality) for a while, it could save you from a rip-off.

    Most of the basic listings are worthless and paid ads are considerably better return, but always check prices.
  9. realistic

    realistic New Member Webmaster


    Read your Question.

    But Sorry,I don't have enough ideas about it.
  10. YooHee

    YooHee New Member Webmaster

    uhm is there any free UK directories that will also give you good traffic source?

    or all good traffic source are paid :D
  11. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    Er, no mmmm not really, and this is the thing. Many use directoris as a link dropping tool mainly for the backlink 'count', little else in it - it's like an obssession or ego thing and not doing their sites much good.

    Actually thinking about it, anyone who posts constantly to general directories leaves a trail that says:

    1. They don't obey Google
    2. No marketing knowledge
    3. They copy others

    plus the listing websites only has directories linking to it. Directory links are of low value and link pages on most are worthless, so not even PR is being passed on, as most don't promote themselves , many are not maintained so zero traffic value so I don't bother even submitting anymore.

    The only directories that will do well now are specialist hubs. Saying that there are many related sites out there (b2b business/non directory) which are far better targeting anyway, so why not just link with those.

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