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UK man arrested for phishing

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by temi, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    'Phishing' arrest is first for UK

    People are advised not to respond to e-mails asking for bank details
    Police have said a 21-year-old man is the first in the UK to be arrested for "phishing" - an e-mail scam which tricks people into giving bank details.
    The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit said they arrested the man from Lytham St Anne's in Lancashire on Thursday.

    Police investigated after Smile, the internet bank from The Co-operative Bank, reported the problem in March.

    A spokeswoman for the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit said: "It's the first arrest in the UK for phishing."

    We regularly remind customers via secure messages and on our website not to respond to e-mails of this kind

    Phil Garlick, of Smile

    Britain sees surge in 'phishing'

    She said the man, who is unemployed, had been released on bail until August while experts examined his computers.

    He is not thought to be part of an organised crime gang behind scams in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

    Detective Chief Superintendent Len Hynds, head of the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, said they believed the suspect was a "copycat phisher".

    Phishers pose as a bank to request personal details by e-mail as part of a bogus "security check".

    source/fulll story: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3668941.stm
  2. Alexandru Ungur

    Alexandru Ungur New Member Webmaster

    C'mon you're telling me there are people giving their bank details to anybody who send them an email.... ?? Then they really deserve what they get, no offence... maybe they'll get smarter next time.

    And now a little romanian joke:

    In our country there are several regions each with its own specific: ardeleni, olteni, moldoveni, etc. and we have a lot of jokes with ardeleni playing tricks on olteni, or olteni playing tricks on ardeleni or moldoveni or whatever combination you can think of, well the joke is like this:

    An ardelean and an oltean were travelling together with the train. At one point the oltean gets his bag, takes out 3 fishes and starts eating them. When he's finished, he puts the head of the fishes veeery carefully in a paper and wants to put them back in his bag. The ardelean asks him:
    - Why do you do that?
    - The heads are veryy important sais the oltean. Whoever eats them, suddenly becomes smarter!!
    - Really? Wouldn't you sell them to me then, please!
    - Sure, it's one "pound" each.
    They make the deal...
    - After the ardelean finish eating them sais: You were right, it actually makes you smarter!! I realised that with 3 "pounds" I would have bought three whole fishes and their heads.... :)

    The point is: some people do get smarted only if they get dumber before... :) It's life.

    BTW, I am an ardelean :)

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