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UKGAME.com launched UK Game Servers

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by neilrbowen, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster

    Hi Everyone,

    Just incase anyone is interested, or needs to move their game server to us :)

    We have setup UK Game Servers - Clan Servers using some of the best hardware and fully automated.

    Comments are of course welcome on things i can improve or change :crazy:

    Below is a little bit about us.

    Who are we?
    UKGAME has been setup as a brand new division of BB Dev Limited, we are a company that develope and operate many large websites, some which recieve more than 5 million page views every day and our popularity is always linked to the effort we put into getting things right and to the best standard possible.

    We are a registered "real" company and are also VAT registered, BB Dev Limited has been trading since 2006 and is profitable allowing us to invest heavily in the best hardware, software and staff levels required to offer you the best service we possibly can.

    Our high end servers enable us to bring down costs, be very power efficient over those using hundreds of older servers, and offer you the best performance out there, all at the most insane prices! But rest assured we won't do a dissapearing act on you like many GSP's out there who do this for a hobby.

    Meet some of the UKGame Staff
    Position: UKGame Manager

    Contact Us: Click Here [​IMG]
    Position: BB Dev Ltd Director

    Contact Us: Click Here [​IMG]
    Position: BB Dev Ltd Director

    Contact Us: Click Here [​IMG]
    Position: UKGame Billing

    Contact Us: Click Here
    What servers do we use?
    The best ones! And we are not making this up either, we have Supermicro 8 core high end servers with 1333 MHz FSB and 3.0GHz cpus, these servers support upto 64 Gbytes of ram and cost around £2000 each. We also have 32 core AMD servers that we are testing which cost around £13000 each (in fact we have 3 of these 32 core servers at present!), so rest assured UKGAME is cutting no corners to obtain cheaper slower hardware, we will remain at the cutting edge and always offer you the most power available on the market that we can.

    Ok, so what is the network like?
    It is clear that even with all this server power, if you can not connect to the servers well, things may be pretty rubbish, so we did not cut any corners there either! While many of our competitors are opting to host further outside of london in areas such as Maidenhead (and even manchester!) almost all of the bandwidth in the UK has to run back to Central London, this means added latency and worse performance to your servers.
    We have based our servers at higher cost in central london and furthermore we picked one hell of a network, we are connecting all our servers directly into this network at 1 Gbit speeds, there are no sub switches or low end routers between you and this backbone!
    And without a lie we have had no network outages to our servers in the last 18 months since we started monitoring that lasted more than 15 seconds.

    Why should i order from UKGAME?
    Clearly the above is just some of the information concentrated into a small space of why we believe our game servers will be the best you can order in the UK, however please ensure you jump on some of our test servers SERVER LIST we expect you will be suprised.
    Furthermore we are doing our best to drive down prices via bulk buying hardware, transit and as we are funded by a profitable larger main company we expect much slower payback time on our hardware, this allows us to slash prices and monitor our competitors prices to ensure you will always find a great deal here with us!

    Here are some more points to consider!
    1) All our servers are public, you can add a password if you really want!
    2) All our servers may be debranded, no extra fees!
    3) We offer prices 30-75% cheaper than competitors on many servers!
    4) We offer the fastest server hardware out there at a massive 8 and 32 cores!

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