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Unique Quality Articles + Squidoo Lenses

Discussion in 'Content' started by UniqueArticles, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. UniqueArticles

    UniqueArticles New Member Webmaster

    The most important aspect to your website's success online would be unique content or articles. Articles provide relevant information to your customers regarding the product(s) you are promoting. Articles help in building trust and creating a bond with your customers. Unique content or articles help your website to get better rankings in the search engines providing you free targeted traffic. No wonder most productive websites are based around unique content or articles. Therefore, it is important to have Unique Content. But it is really difficult and time consuming to write all the content personally. There where I come in. I will provide you 100% unique (copyscape passed) professionally written articles targeting specific keywords. All articles provided will be between 400 to 450 words. Turn around time will depend on the package and subject of the articles you order but will not exceed 10days. You can choose from any of the following packages:

    10 Articles Pack @ $70
    5 Articles Pack @$40
    <5 Articles @ $9 each

    I also provide unique customized SQUIDOO LENS with following features:

    3 Unique Articles of 400-450 Words Each.
    2 Relevant Images
    40 Relevant Tags
    RSS Module (if required)
    YouTube Module (if required)
    Amazon Module (if required)

    Excerpts From An Unpublished Article:

    Natural Remedies To Fight Depression

    Do you feel depressed? If so, you may be seeking ways to get rid of it. The Depression is a medical state that can be mentally and psychologically exhausting. Those who have depression, to the extent that they feel desperate and get insane ideas, such as self-destruction, are recommended to consult a qualified professional person in this field instantly. However, if you just feel little low, sad or depressed now and then, you may prefer to test some of the natural remedies discussed here.............

    ........The above listed natural remedies are just some of the several that you may like to attempt if you feel depressed. These natural remedies are readily available and are easy to apply. It is significant to note that depression can also be, in some cases, prolonged. This is when professional help is required.

    For Example Of Squidoo Lens And More Articles, Please Send A PM.

    Price for creating one lens is $30. For bulk orders i.e. 5 or more price will be $25 each.

    Payment Options: PayPal


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