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"Update Address" incorrect URL link..

Discussion in 'Boss Cart - JV Series' started by widgetuk, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    Guys, there's a problem with the code when a user is at the Shipping Address stage of checkout.

    When a customer is presented with this shipping address screen, they're shown the Billing Information (including the Address) first, and below that they get the option to Ship to this same address below, or add a new Shipping Address. They're also given a link, next to the Billing Address, to "Update address". One would naturally assume therefore that they are being given the option/shortcut here to change their BILLING address, since that is where the link is located. But instead, the link takes them to the SHIPPING ADDRESS update page. Think this is just a mistake in the code, and it should take them to the BILLING ADDRESS page.

    Small point but could be worth amending for the sake of not confusing users who are potentially buyers!

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