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Use Article Directories to Promote Your Website

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by anhblog.net, May 10, 2009.

  1. anhblog.net

    anhblog.net New Member Webmaster

    If you are online and are not already using article directories to promote your website, you are missing out on a free and highly effective marketing option. Article directories are great ways to draw traffic to your site without paying for advertising. However, to get real traffic to your site using an article directory, you must know how to use them correctly.

    What Article Directories Are

    Before you can use an article directory, you have to know what one is. Article directories are websites where thousands upon thousands of articles on just about any subject are posted. They are generally categorized to make it easier for readers to find information they want. They are also linked together, so a reader reading about “Hawaii travel” will naturally go from article to article on that topic. People can use the articles they find in the directories on their own websites, either for free or for a small fee. Authors pay nothing to submit to article directories.

    How Article Directories Benefit Online Businesses

    You are probably thinking, “Sure, that’s great. But how does an article directory help me promote my business? Doesn’t giving away free content defeat my purpose as an online business?”

    These are great questions. When you submit an article to an article directory, it will contain a bio with a link to your website. Since you are the author of the article, you are allowed to include this information.

    This means that anyone who is searching online and comes across the article directory will see a link to your site. Not only that, but the people who use the content on their own websites are required to keep it exactly as it appears in the directory. This means that your link could show up on hundreds of websites.

    Article directories are generally large websites. This means that the web spiders are attracted to them. Having your link in these articles is a crucial part of an online linking campaign.

    How to Make Your Submissions Effective

    If you are going to submit to article directories, you need to do two things. First, you need to learn about proper keyword usage. You need the right percentage of keywords in your article, and they need to appear naturally within the content. This will draw the search engine spiders to the article, thus exposing people to your link at the bottom.

    You also need to make your content unique and helpful. If your article is the same as thousands that are already online, other website owners will not want to use it. Also, if the information is not helpful, people will not read the entire article. Your goal is to have them read the entire article so that they will click at the link on the bottom.

    Having helpful information in the article also helps the reader view you as an “expert” in the field. This is important, because you want them to have a reason to click on the link. If they are reading useless information, they will have no desire to visit your site. Also, proving that you are knowledgeable about a particular topic will show that whatever product or service you are marketing is worth buying.

    What to Do if You Can’t Write

    At this point you are probably wondering what you can do because you can’t write. You are an entrepreneur and business owner, not a writer. The good news is that you have options.

    You can hire a freelance writer to “ghostwrite” the article for you. Ghostwriting means writing the article in your name. Instead of placing his or her name on the article, the freelancer uses your name and your business link. You will need to pay for this service, but the amount you will pay for a quality article is far less than the amount you would pay for an advertising campaign, and a well-written article placed in the right article directories will draw more traffic to your site than just about any other form of advertising.

    Where can you find ghostwriters? There are a variety of online classifieds where you can post your job requirements or search for available writers. You can ask for quotes to help you learn what the going rate for a writer is. Keep in mind that you will pay more if you have detailed information that needs to be researched or if you are working on a tight deadline. You can also hire a content creation company to help you if you require numerous articles that would be too much for one individual writer.

    If you do use a ghostwriter, be sure that you proofread the article before submitting it. You may find that the writer did not approach a particular topic as you would have wanted. You can ask the writer to rewrite the material, but posting something that is inaccurate or does not sound well written will detract from your goal of drawing traffic to your site.

    Risks of Using an Article Directory

    There is only one main risk to using an article directory, and that is that someone will download your content and use it on their site without including the link. You can do some work to check for this, but it is hard to police. However, the occasional unscrupulous website owner who uses your content incorrectly is a risk worth taking for the many users who will give you a link on their site.

    Post Much and Often

    Once you get the hang of using an article directory, post many articles, and post them often. The more fresh, relevant content that links to your page, the greater traffic you will receive. Be sure to continually research your keywords, because the keywords that people search for constantly change.

    Also, submit your articles to a variety of sites. The most popular article directories may not draw a certain demographic of people. The more places that have your article and your link, the better your traffic results will be. Since these sites are free to use, you might as well submit to as many as you can.

    Source : Use Article Directories to Promote Your Website | FedEx's Blog
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    why don't you create your own post about this instead of copying and posting someone else's work here?
  3. rajupatel544

    rajupatel544 New Member Webmaster

  4. stanneon

    stanneon New Member Webmaster

    lol, this is a duplicate, copy then paste. you could at least say thanks to the real author by including the link from where you get it...
  5. bobwilson37

    bobwilson37 New Member Webmaster

    Article Submission is very good way to increase backlinks, traffic and leads to a particular website. I had a very great experience with article submission.

    Nice Post, However copying content is not appreciable.
  6. Robdale

    Robdale New Member Webmaster

    Copying and pasting is not bad unless the real source is credited. This is really not a good idea, this habit can make you lose your own writing style. You will never get to know how effective and unique your writing was....
  7. veikoh

    veikoh New Member Webmaster

  8. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the good resource anhblog.net, but I agree with the others
    that if you want to share something you can share us the link and you
    can just put some summary on what that certain link is all about. :)
  9. YooHee

    YooHee New Member Webmaster

    i think using an article to promote your site is still useful.... because, it can hold more keywords than directories :D
  10. www.GameFriends.com

    www.GameFriends.com New Member Webmaster

    Using article directories for direct traffic is mostly a waste of time imo...very little of the traffic comes from a direct result of the article on another website. If you want direct traffic put the article on your own website. If you want backlinks spread the content to article directories and other blogs with a link back to your site.
  11. vipinsham

    vipinsham New Member Webmaster

    ha ha ha ha......

    great.... I guess the person would have pasted thinking that he would be given a good comments on its post.....But I guess be transparent, be an identity, don paste from others....

  12. articlemaster

    articlemaster New Member Webmaster

    Many people think that article submission is not worth but i dont go with them. As article submission is still helpful and if your have good content in your article then its very easy for you to get traffic.
    However i dont it a good work when you are doing copy n paste work.
  13. sherryparker

    sherryparker New Member Webmaster

    Ya article submission is the best way to promote a site. You gave a wonderful information but it will be more better if you write in your words because nobody like just copy and paste anything.:nono:
  14. blackpool

    blackpool New Member Webmaster

    Articles are a great way to promote website, I usually submit 5 articles a month to article directories.
  15. muqtada123

    muqtada123 New Member Webmaster

    Apply somewhere for data entry work, people searching
  16. ronan.seo

    ronan.seo New Member Webmaster

    Aricle submission is better way to keep your ranking high and to get quality one way back links to your websites.
  17. bailey.rein

    bailey.rein New Member Webmaster

    Article submission is one of the techniques use to help promote a site.. When talking about article submissions, of course you need to have an article - unique, interesting and fresh article. You can put some of your targeted keywords on the article then submit it with the right category..
  18. kennethb

    kennethb New Member Webmaster

    yes all of us are submitting our articles but we forgot something, to interact. Do not just submit our articles , interaction is a good way to promote our site.
  19. ketawabebas

    ketawabebas New Member Webmaster

    yeah.. i agree.. copying pasting is not a good,,, but if u credited the real author it will be better..

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