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Useful webmaster tools

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by temi, Aug 31, 2004.

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  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Spyware / Adware remove tool


    I am looking for more tools to add to this list, if you find a useful tool please let me know
  2. Alexandru Ungur

    Alexandru Ungur New Member Webmaster

    The Genereal MAnager of Webmaster Tools ;)

    The best tool I've found especially when debugging, be it JavaScript, ookie, layout, tables or any other HTML related problem is.... surprise!!! Mozilla :) and better, Mozilla FireFox (www.mozilla.org).
    It's got all kinds of usseful plugins (http://update.mozilla.org/extensions), but my favourite is Web Developer (http://update.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=60&vid=63)

    Here is the Features Matrix:
    Delete Domain Cookies Deletes all cookies for this domain.
    Disable Cookies Disables cookies.
    Disable Image Animations Disables image animations.
    Disable Images Disables images.
    Disable Java Disables Java.
    Disable JavaScript Disables JavaScript.
    Disable Page Colors Disables page colors.
    Disable Referrer Logging Disables referrer logging.
    Disable Styles Disables all style sheets.
    CSS Features Add User Style Sheet... Adds a user selected style sheet to the page.
    Edit CSS Opens the CSS of the page in a sidebar for live editing.

    * Only available in Mozilla Firefox.

    View CSS Displays the style sheets.
    View Style Information Displays the styles applied to the selected element.

    * Requires a DOM Inspector enabled build.
    * More information...

    Forms Features Convert GETs To POSTs Converts all forms with GET methods to POST methods.
    Convert POSTs To GETs Converts all forms with POST methods to GET methods.
    Display Form Details Displays the form method and action as well as all the form element's IDs and names for all forms.
    Enable Auto Completion Enables auto-completion on all forms that have it disabled.
    Make Form Fields Writable Makes all form fields that are read-only writable.
    Populate Form Fields Populates all form fields with their name as their value.
    Show Passwords Shows all passwords as text.
    View Form Information Displays form information.
    Images Features Display Image Dimensions Displays the width and height of all images on the page.
    Display Image Paths Displays the path of all images on the page.
    Find Broken Images Finds all broken images.
    Hide Images Hides all images.
    Make Images Invisible Makes all images invisible, but the images still take up their original space on the page.
    Outline Images With Empty Alt Attributes Outlines any image with an empty alt attribute.
    Outline Images Without Alt Attributes Outlines any image without an alt attribute.
    Outline Images Without Title Attributes Outlines any image without a title attribute.
    Replace Images With Alt Attributes Replaces any image with it's alt attribute.
    Information Features Display Access Keys Displays the access keys of all elements on the page.
    Display Block Size Displays the size of all div, form and table elements on the page.
    Display ID & Class Details Displays the ID and class of all elements on the page.
    Display Link Paths Displays the path of all links on the page.
    Display Tab Index Displays the tab index of all form elements on the page.
    Display Topographic Information Displays the topographic information of all elements on the page with more deeply nested elements given a lighter background.
    View Cookie Information Displays all cookies.
    View Page Information Opens the page info dialog.
    View Response Headers Displays the response headers.
    View Speed Report Displays a speed report using the Web Site Optimization service.
    Miscellaneous Features Clear Cache Clears the browser cache.
    Clear HTTP Authentication Clears the browser HTTP authentication.
    Clear Session Cookies Clears all session cookies.
    Open Java Console Opens the Java console.
    Open JavaScript Console Opens the JavaScript console.
    Show Comments Shows all the comments on the page.
    Visited Links Mark all links visited or unvisited.
    Zoom Zoom the page in or out.
    W3C Documents Provides links to various W3C documents.
    Outline Features Outline Block Level Elements Outlines all block level elements and indicates the element type.
    Outline Deprecated Elements Outlines all elements deprecated in HTML 4.0.
    Outline Frames Outlines all frames.
    Outline Links Without Title Attributes Outlines any link without a title attribute.
    Outline Table Cells Outlines all table cells.
    Outline Custom Elements... Outlines all custom elements specified by the user.

    * More information...

    Resize Features Display Current Size Displays the current window and viewport size.
    Display Current Size in Title Displays the current window size in the window title.
    Custom Size... Resizes the browser window to a custom size specified by the user.
    Validation Features Validate Local CSS Validates the CSS of a page stored locally using the W3C validation service.
    Validate Local HTML Validates the HTML of a page stored locally using the WDG validation service.
    View Source Features View Source Displays the page source.
    Options Features
  3. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest


    Hey, but by the way, I thought that most spy aware programs were viruses themselves in a way.... well, maybe the ones that you buy are ok, but the ones you get for free... you would be boomed by ads and your computer would get slow. And maybe even more vulnerable to viruses.
  4. ovi

    ovi Guest


    Not everything that is free is bad....also many free software (open source) are very good and reliable.

  5. ina

    ina Guest

    Try this one,

    Ad aware can be found by doing a search on the web

  6. Pentarix

    Pentarix Guest

    Also search for SpySweeper, I like that one the best as it has caught plenty of things that AdAware misses.
  7. Duke

    Duke Guest

    I use SpywareBlaster and it's helped to keep much of the spyware from even penetrating my system. It even updates and blocks spyware for Firefox.
  8. Pentarix

    Pentarix Guest

    That's a handy feature, I'll be looking at that one as well, thanks Duke for this useful post! (insert smart-a$$ comment here)
  9. dmscs

    dmscs New Member Webmaster

    SPYBOT S&D is great and works well with the Microsoft anitspyware.

    or you could try our online scan at

    It works only with I.E because Firefox is just too good!
  10. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    You mean firefox is just so unused. If/when they gain marketshare, that hacks will start going after them, also. In fact, the've already had a few 'bugs', thus that recent update.
  11. dmscs

    dmscs New Member Webmaster

    Yes Paul you are so right!

    But I have spent it seems forever a lover of Internet Explorer. I tried Fire Fox last year, didnt like it, tried it again this year and I love it. Tabbed browseing, RSS interaction, it just does the job.

    You are right about the update things. But in the past six months there have only bee really two to my knowledge and I live sat at the thing. How many updates have been released for I.E?

    Its horses for courses. I would certainly try it. Especially if you can just open a new tab to view another website, rather than having to spawn a new Internet Explorer client.

    Cheers Paul!
  12. cmellon

    cmellon Guest

    Hi All,

    I like webmaster tools as well especialy the online ones such as SilkTide's Site Score

    They also just announced a commercial version which looks very good for web developers, althought I think its a little expensive with prices starting at £2,000

    Anyone know of any other online tools similar?
  13. nameless

    nameless New Member Webmaster

    I use AdAware SE Personal and Spybot, both are quite good. Though its true that some free antivirus software and spyware make your computer more vulnerable.
  14. in4free

    in4free New Member Webmaster

    why not stick to the well known and efficace ones
  15. rosel

    rosel New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for all those great tools. Are those tools free to download? :D

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