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Using brand name domains to help SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by socialmarketer, May 21, 2010.

  1. socialmarketer

    socialmarketer New Member Webmaster

    It depends on your targets,time and money management! If you have the time and money to manage these websites you can do it. If you find your visitors/customers are searching more on bambisilentaircompressors, you can redirect your old domain to this new one! Two websites are not really a big deal if your business is only with them!
  2. webcreationuk

    webcreationuk New Member Webmaster

    You better start creating some press releases, build some links and become a presence in the online environment, this would prove to be better for seo and traffic.
  3. FlightCenter

    FlightCenter New Member Webmaster

    I would say no, only because such a phrase is probably best as an inner page such as example.com/specific-name-of-compressor

    With this you are able to build all your links to one domain and let the power of the PR trickle down to your inner pages. You can see this with big sites that are able to rank for many inner pages because of the authority. It's very difficult to build 5-25 quality sites, vs one major one. Focus all your efforts on one site, then build a good hierarchy from within, and create unique titles/descrip/tags and you'll do fine.
  4. whd4u

    whd4u New Member Webmaster

    You do not need to build a new site every time you buy a new domain name.

    You could simply copy your site from domain 1 to domain 2 and so on.

    every time you update 1 site, upload all the contents to every site.

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