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Viruses & Worms

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by ovi, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. ovi

    ovi Guest

    The opening of the email has become a real proof of courage, even if the sender is a friend. If in his computer there is a virus, then this virus multiplied himself and send to the email from the agenda. If you don't have antivirus software is sure that you became a victim of this virus.

    The danger has become even bigger in the last period, when the number of this threat has grown. The authors of these attacks have been catch only by mistake. Many of them continue to create, and the numbers "speak" about this work.

    -Dangerous Worms
    The big number of the infected systems from the 2004 has alerted the specialists. 11.650 new viruses have been identified in the first 6 months of the 2004. In 2003 has been detected in the first 6 months "only" 6430.
    The hackers has launch many viruses know as worms, and let behind those viruses "mass mailer"
    75% from the viruses detected in 2003 was "mass mailer" type, and 25% was worms, in 2004 the worms was 35%, and the "mass mailers" was 65%

    -HOT lines trough dial-up
    The biggest discomfort was caused to dial-up users. The download of diallers has been finalized for some users with a enormous telephone bill.
    The "virus" can take control over the modem and call in "exotic" countries as Antarctica, Aruba, Diego Garcia, Bermuda, St. Lucia, French Polynesia , Antigua. The prices are extremely high, over 2 euro/minute
    We recommend checking regularly your dial-up access number

    -Disasters for the companies
    Other virus doesn’t generate disasters; only permit the access of the hacker to the information’s from that system. He can see the user password, can delete files or can take information’s from this computer. Also he can command to all the infected systems to launch an mass takeover a server. That server can block. It's worst if the infected system is the one to keep the database of the company or files with extremely importance to the business.

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