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Want A Higher Alexa Ranking? Here’s How . . .

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by saineys, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. saineys

    saineys New Member Webmaster

    Alexa ranking is one of the metrics people use to measure the size and traffic of a site. A better ranking will, at least in theory, make you look more popular and therefore more credible.
    You probably spend a fair amount of time on at least some of your own sites. I mean, they can’t ALL suck - can they?
    If so, there’s a simple, passive way you can slightly increase your Alexa rank. Toolbars, for the most part, are crap, but there is an Alexa fireforx addon, built by Alexa, that doesn’t suck that much. It’s called Alexa Sparky.

    Alexa uses the data from surfers that install this Plugin and their toolbar to determine Alexa rank. If you install this addon, you will be increasing the alexa rank of all the sites you visit.
  2. vavietnam

    vavietnam New Member Webmaster

    Never got my mind to Alexa ranking :)
  3. YooHee

    YooHee New Member Webmaster

    i think alexa ranking will increase if you can get more and more to your site.... you should invite visitors and create good content so that more visitors will come :D

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