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Want to Advertise Full Page ADs seen by 6000+ people?

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by anakin316, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. anakin316

    anakin316 New Member Webmaster

    What is Bloghology?

    An anthology is a collection of poems, stories, songs, articles, or other literary passages chosen by a compiler. Similar to an anthology, a bloghology is a collection of bloggers, their profiles, photos, and
    links to their best posts. It is a PDF e-book which can be easily circulated throughout the blogosphere for personal branding and marketing of selected good quality bloggers.

    www.searchforblogging.com is the url of the blogger who makes this Monthly e-book.

    Its a Monthly e-book......Its gets 5000+ Viewership monthly. Its being given away free so Advertisers can get their maximum exposure possible.
    The 5000 people are some of the best Bloggers and Webmasters on the net. If you reach them, Your site or blog will do great.

    I am looking for New Advertisers.....

    Prices are $50 for a Full Page AD on the 2nd or 3rd page for next month's issue.

    Back pages (Lots of spots) - $20 for a Full PAGE ad....for 1 issue

    Inside pages - Full page Ad between important pages for $30 for 1 issue.

    AD spots (only 10 spots) - $15 each spot for 1 issue

    If take any of the above for more than 3 months....you will get a good discount......

    We Value our advertisers, We value your money, you will get your money's worth.
  2. WOWTech

    WOWTech New Member Webmaster

    I am very interested an will pm you soon.

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