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Want to build a professional website but don't know how?

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Darkie, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Darkie

    Darkie New Member Webmaster

    If you are willing to build a professional website for your community or band, launch a virtual shop or attract clients to your business worldwide, but you haven't got any knowledge in website building, you are welcome at Site123.com. It is a unique, user-friendly website building system, affordable and easy to handle. You will receive unlimited webmaster tools and adequate technical support, if needed. Building a website has become as easy as creating a Word document. Try it out!
  2. stoneworth

    stoneworth New Member Webmaster

    may be helpful. but i tell you my experience here. sorry for personal detail openion. I created some websites and started promotions e.g. directory submission, social bookmarketing, networking, forum joining and link building but after all tried i didn't get any hug traffics. why??? i don't know. but i started article publishing but i got some traffics somthing 10 to 20 visitors daily and above 50 visits daily. what is this? this isn't much to me.
  3. munky-head

    munky-head New Member Webmaster

    Hey, that's not bad for a start! :)

    You can invest some resources into SEO, and try to boost your rating.

    I've heard many times that "contents is king", if you offer your visitor something of a value, he will return and bring his friends along, so to speak.

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