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Web 3.0 the emerging factor in seo and affiliate marketing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by marketraise int, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. marketraise int

    marketraise int New Member Webmaster

    An insight to the software industry will tell you that any version of web2.0 tends to be shortlived thereby giving way to web 3.0.Web 1.0 was buggy and was hardly worth using web 2.0 did fix up some serious problems but it had some serious shortcomings.Web 3.0 that was launched way back in may 1990 has been an instant succes and since then it has been continously used by top affiliate marketers and reputed seo industry proffesionals.
    One thing is for sure web 3.0 isn't only about shopping, entertainment and search. It’s also going to deliver a new generation of business applications that will see business computing converge on the same fundamental on-demand architecture as consumer applications. So this is not something that’s of merely passing interest to those who work in enterprise IT. It will radically change the organizations where they work and their own career paths.
    Now to the main point specially for the moderators and administrators before you ban me or remove this post assuming it to be copy pasted let me tell you one thing.Every topic that has been existing till date has been begun by someone or the other.This article has been edited by me from news and articles gathered on the internet.It has been thoroughly studied analysed and then finally edited.

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