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Web Developer / Flash / Action Script / Gen. Programming

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by CoxysBlog.com, May 22, 2008.

  1. CoxysBlog.com

    CoxysBlog.com New Member Webmaster

    Ok, so a women gave me a call on Friday looking for a local web designer. So she found me on Google as my company's website is ranked number 1 for a few keywords.

    Now I cant disclose the idea, its really niche and the way we have worked out how we will do it is pretty unique. We can really see this booming big time. This is no up front payment, im going into this to develop this site with the women on a % of profit. Now if you wanted to join the venture you would get a % of mine, i have the bigger percentage right now.

    We have very good media coverage and especially with government organizations, other organizations and charity's newspapers and stuff so media advertising is really covered.

    What you will need:

    The main feature of the site will need flash, action script and some general programming knowledge (php preferably). Ill give you an idea on whats needed to help you understand a bit more. If you have ever visited a site where there is a virtual walk-through of a house or something similar. it will need to be like this, maybe navigational arrows or a-like. Then placements within the virtual walk through or points where users can take. Thats about all i can release for this moment. We will be able to provide the backgrounds of the walk through but im not entirly sure what will be needed. This is what i need help on

    I can do most of the programming and design for the site, i just need someone who will dedicate themselfs to the flash part of the site
    (dont require flash, if you have any other methods you know of i would be hppy to hear)

    So dont hesitate to get in contact with me

    I would rather someone from the UK (Scotland preferred (Ayrshire area) ) but can also work with international people. This is a great way to get your name really out there with the large media coverage we have. Basically we can see this site being really, really massive.

    Like i say this is equity share/ profit share. Dont let this put you off because its a great idea.

    MSN: brian@ayrshire-webdesign.com
    Email: brian@ayrshire-webdesign.com
    Phone: 07765719855

    Also PM if you have any questions


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