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Web Development

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by shinzo159, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. shinzo159

    shinzo159 New Member Webmaster

    Hi.. I'm Shinzo...
    I'm having Business right now and I'm planning to move it on the Web.
    I saw some companies who had moved their business on the Web. JUst like big store who got websites of their own... Would it be good if I will also have my own Website for my business?
  2. krystalpaul

    krystalpaul New Member Webmaster

    Hi Shinzo,

    Tell us a bit about your business - what market are you in? I think that a web presence for most businesses should be obligatory nowadays as more and more business is channeled through the online world.
  3. cawn011

    cawn011 New Member Webmaster

    Yup you can and it can increase your sales on you business, also use the SEO approach for better results.
  4. bochgoch

    bochgoch New Member Webmaster

    There a very few businesses that can't be made to benefit from a website ... provide more details about your business and I'm sure we'll have some ideas ;)
  5. etrade-union

    etrade-union New Member Webmaster

    you can surely make that....keeping in mind that the SEO Can help much in promoting your own business too....

    Right now e-commerce is booming which can help you a little bit as tips...
  6. BlueBoden

    BlueBoden New Member Webmaster

    I would look into hiring a web designer to get your site done professionally, the first mistake many business owners make, is buying applications such as dreamweaver, thinking that it will magically help them create their website, with little or no past experience in web development.

    You should be able to get a custom made CMS relatively cheap, don't go to cheap however, and stay away from those "get a freelancer sites", try to find a reputable freelancer or company instead, who at least maintain their own website, and who atleast know their own price.

    There are, as mentioned above, other factors you need to consider as well. SEO is very important to achieve a good placement in the search engines, and i would say that any good web designer should know about SEO as well. You shouldn't have to hire a company specialized in SEO, unless your web designer knows little in this area.

    Finally you could simply create your own website, there are many websites which will teach you about HTML and CSS, as well as server sided programming such as PHP.

    Depending on what you wish a normal static page created with HTML and CSS may be enough in many cases, but you should expect that it will require more work to update, then if you developed a CMS.

    There are also existing CMS solutions, but having some general-purpose CMS, or a custom build one, may very well be the differance between success and failure.

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