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Website Advertising Debate

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by monsterpot, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. monsterpot

    monsterpot New Member Webmaster

    I guess everyone here monetizes their websites in one way or another. Maybe using banners, text links, flash, video, Adsense etc etc. Revenue will vary from one type to another.

    I would like to have a debate looking at website advertising but from the perspective of bothe advertiser AND the internet end user (i.e. the targeted consumer)

    In particular I am interested in your views on audio/visual ads.

    I am involved with audio-adverts. com under the brand name keyaudioads and we serve targeted audio/visual ads to a wide publisher network.

    In brief our ads display an advertiser's small banner/logo/image in a prominently located box situated on the publisher's page with accompanying audio message that plays similtaneously. The user can therefore focus on the image whilst hearing the ad, and he can also stop the ad if he so wishes. The ad image is clickable for redirection to the advertisers site, and redirection can also be initiated via a key press as specified by the advertisers, and a request to press the key can be included within the audio message. Ads can be targeted, changed in real time and scheduled to play by the hour/day etc.

    So from an advertisers point of view:

    The ads have visual and audio appeal, grabbing consumer attention immediately. Advertiser can interact with the consumer via a message the consumer will hear, and a relevant image(s) he will see.

    And from the end users point of view:

    The visual ad is small and disappears after 20 seconds. The audio plays automatically but can be turned off via the small box if he wishes. End user can hear & see the advertiser's message.

    As mentioned, what are your views on this advertising medium from both points of view? Like it, hate it, would try it, need more info?

  2. Nationalpallets.co.uk

    Nationalpallets.co.uk New Member Webmaster

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  3. tshirts

    tshirts New Member Webmaster


    online shopping carts

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