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What do you know about Alexa Ranking?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by stephanie00, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. stephanie00

    stephanie00 New Member Webmaster

    Have you been thinking about Alexa Ranking and what exactly it is? Alexa ranking is one area about which few people know anything. Though it is not the case anymore, Alexa was primarily used by internet professionals. General public who uses the internet also tend to use Alexa nowadays and that is what makes it such a good public pick. To get to know about the status of your website or to compare your website with other competitors in the market, Alexa serves as a great medium. Is there anyone who is aware on how Alexa actually ranks its websites? Does anyone have a clue?
  2. seo123india

    seo123india New Member Webmaster

    Alexa is a medum to get status information of a web site.
  3. Patricia

    Patricia New Member Webmaster

    I mever paid attentiontion to Alexa Rank.

    Alexa rank represents the approximate number of web sites in the world that have the popularity higher than the given site. It is expressed in relatively big numbers (the smaller the better). Alexa rank is computed and updated very frequently (often daily). However the new value also depends on the previous value to avoid rapid jumps. Unlike Google rank, it directly reflects the popularity and does not officially depend on links from other sites, directory inclusion, duplicate content and so on. Popularity is measured directly, collecting notifications from the visitors who have installed the Alexa toolbar. As only part of users have this toolbar, only relatively high (below 100 000 or about) Alexa ranks are reliable. Alexa rank measures different website characteristics than Google rank, and dramatic disagreements are common

    more info on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexa_(internet)
  4. Pandadan

    Pandadan New Member Webmaster

    alexa shows attributes, that any other site doesn't show
  5. icome

    icome New Member Webmaster

    I installed WebRank Toolbar plug-in for Firefox broswer and see ukwebmasterworld.com got 3/10 Google rank and 32,557 in Alexa.
  6. fetamy

    fetamy New Member Webmaster

    Lower the rank much the traffic, site position. Facebook and sites like that have lowest value of alexa rank.
  7. VPSWebServer.

    VPSWebServer. New Member Webmaster

    This is a ranking system set by alexa that basically audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various web sites. The algorithm is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months.
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  8. paddy12

    paddy12 New Member Webmaster


    Alexa is totally about US based Traffic. Alexa does not show the difference in websites, How ever Alexa tells us how popular a website is ?
    The more lower the Alexa rankings, the more better is for your website.
    I think Facebook has 1 Alexa and then Google. It is quite difficult to out rank Facebook and Google but still you can beat other niches and Alexa can be really fruitful to you if you have less Alexa. It also increases the website worth and it can be beneficial for you if you want to sale out your website.

  9. amitmax

    amitmax New Member Webmaster

    Alexa ranking shows where our website exist in million of sites over the internet.Generally alexa is a authority which shows rank for all website which is running over internet.But this is just a idea and we can not trust on it.because they pick data from only those PX on which alexa toolbar has installed.
  10. fahimk123

    fahimk123 New Member Webmaster

    Alexa is just a ranking tool, my opinion you should not worry about it, its just a tool to check your website ranking but yes its the best in business to check your rating on web, but keep targeting your keywords and dont worry about its ranking...
  11. ketul

    ketul New Member Webmaster

    Alexa just show ranking your site based on your back link strength, your domain age and other factors. It does not affect your sites ranking.

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