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What is Deep link?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by smithwills, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. smithwills

    smithwills New Member Webmaster

    Deep link i heard this word many time on internet but I don’t know what is it... please let me know if u know about this…
  2. vids1386

    vids1386 New Member Webmaster

    Deep links are those which points to the webpages or images on particular website.Deep links of a same website have same domain name.
  3. technologynow

    technologynow New Member Webmaster

    Deep linking in a nutshell.

    If your site is about NUTS, 'nuts' would be the keyword for your site. Normal links go to your front page.

    Deep linking means getting people to link deeper into your site. To link to pages other than the front page.

    Create sections of the site:
    Hard Nuts - with the keywords 'nuts' and 'hard nuts'
    Soft nuts - with the keywords 'nuts' and 'soft nuts'

    Create pages in each section:
    Hard Nuts / Brazil - with the keywords 'nuts' and 'hard nuts' and 'Brazil nuts'
    Hard Nuts / Hazel - with the keywords 'nuts' and 'hard nuts' and 'Hazel nuts'
    Soft Nuts / Peanuts - with the keywords 'nuts' and 'soft nuts' and 'Peanuts'

    So for every word or phrase about nuts, you need a page. For every page you need a unique keyword.
    'Peanuts' for the peanut page and so on.

    You want anyone who types any word or phrase about nuts, to be sent directly to a page you've set up about that particular word or phrase.

    You want visitors to arrive from Google directly onto EVERY page on your website, not just the front page.

    To help your Google ranking, you want people to link to your site. Don't get them all linking to the front page. If their link is about 'peanuts' then get them to link to your 'peanut' page not your front page.

    That's deep linking!
  4. jimcarrey99

    jimcarrey99 New Member Webmaster

    Deep link many of the new comer in SEO want to know what is Deep link. actual the internal parts of our website been given name as deep link. And when we want to promote our internal pages then we need to have submit deep link submission.
  5. jackcalara

    jackcalara New Member Webmaster

    Submission in exact category called Deep linking.
  6. dulcet30

    dulcet30 New Member Webmaster

    Deep Link

    Deep linking is linking to the specific interior page or product on a Merchant's site that your visitor is interested in (as opposed to just linking to the home page of the Merchant).
    Why should you deep link? It has been shown that difficulties getting from a homepage to a specific product page is responsible for over a quarter of failures in getting a visitor to purchase a product. By deep linking to a specific product, an Affiliate is able to largely eliminate the problems associated with navigating a Merchant's website. By taking the visitor directly to the information that they desire, you greatly increase the chances of converting that visitor into a sale. If you only link to the homepage of the Merchant then you are forcing that visitor to takes several more steps to find the product that they want. It is far better to make it easy for the visitor and send them directly to the product page.
  7. fannychou

    fannychou New Member Webmaster

    Are those links of products categories called "Deep Links" ?
  8. dagaul101

    dagaul101 New Member Webmaster

    Deep linking is say you had a subdomain a few levels down from your homepage, a deep link would be a link to that subdomain

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