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What is Symlinking?

Discussion in 'iG Shop' started by OdeN, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. OdeN

    OdeN New Member Webmaster

    I ran the symlink script and it just gave me errors, so i skipped the step and it seems to run fine. However i was just wondering what it is actually for.
  2. nelgin

    nelgin New Member Webmaster

    In its simpliest terms...symbolic links (or symlinks) is a way of making the same file available by another name or by making the same file available in another directory (or both).

    For example, you might have a file buried in a system bath such as


    But you could make a symlink to a file in your home directory

    ln -s /usr/local/etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/Vhosts.conf vh.conf

    So, I can edit vh.conf and it'll make the changes in the proper Vhosts.conf.

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