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What is your best CMS?

Discussion in 'Design' started by martinfranker, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. martinfranker

    martinfranker New Member Webmaster


    I think would be the best CMS is Wordpress but I want to know your best here.
  2. dianemcmillan

    dianemcmillan New Member Webmaster

    We have the same choice.
    I think Wordpress is the best but now there's Joomla and Magento which are both good cms.
  3. Aimee001

    Aimee001 New Member Webmaster

    Getting design requirements right is a hard thing to do: you need to make sure you get what you want and need, and thus the requirements have to be quite strict, but if you’re not doing the design yourself, you’ll also need to allow for breathing room for the designer, and allow them to be creative. It helps to split the design requirements into two sections: functional and design requirements. You should also be very specific about what you’d want or like and what you need.
    The first one is simple: your design should incorporate all the functionality you have determined upon, and allow for all the different page variations that you need. Depending on how much you trust your designer, you can just say “I need these functions on a page, make it work” or you can create a wire frame, outlining how you’d like the page to be laid out.

    A lot of people get this wrong: layout is not design. Some very good designers are crap at layout and vice verse, and positioning of certain elements in certain spaces might make a lot of sense to a designer, but not to any of your users. If your designer hasn’t already read it, I highly suggest you buy him a copy of, and even pay for the 3-4 hours he might need to read through that. You’ll get a better end result because of it, promise.

    There’s a load more to be said about this subject, but to be honest: I’m not the expert. What I can, and will, tell you is what has worked for me in the past: get a kick ass designer, give him a wire frame so he get’s your line of thought, and allow him to stray away from the wire frame if he wants to, while maintaining all the functionality.

    I am a bit of a lucky ******* though: I get to work with some of the best people in this industry. and his team created the current design of this website, the design was made by . They’re not cheap, but they are good. It pays to pay for quality. It’s truer than with anything else: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

    Some people might remember that I use sites like 99designs.com for some of my projects, in fact, the Yeast logo (not the avatar, the logo) was done with a 99designs competition, and I’m still very happy with it. As for site designs, I haven’t been that lucky. All the site designs gotten through 99designs recently were bland. It’s ok if you can live with that, for me, it’s just not going to work.

    In fact, if you don’t mind the design of your site that much, you might as well go with a premium theme. Woo themes, Studio-press, Page-lines; there’s loads of sites with very decent premium themes. Change the header a bit, and it might already start looking good. The good thing about a premium theme is that you can skip the next section: developing your design into a theme.
  4. Raj Arora

    Raj Arora New Member Webmaster

    No doubt , WordPress is best platform to work as Open source platform. But It is Not so secure. WordPress website is hacked now a days in number of times. So my best platform is Joomla for Big as well as small business.
  5. Puneet Chauhan

    Puneet Chauhan New Member Webmaster

    Joomla is the best cms other then wordpress
  6. Hosted dialer

    Hosted dialer New Member Webmaster

    I also love wordpress it is very easy CMS and it is user friendly if the business is small. but for large business Magento is the best cms.
  7. JetStorm

    JetStorm New Member Webmaster

    Wordpress with proper caching is a great platform for almost any purpose.
  8. peterdrucker27

    peterdrucker27 New Member Webmaster

    WordPress is best platform to work as Open source platform. WordPress is most user friendly and widely used CMS. Around 20% of websites hosted on internet are build or developed using WordPress.

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