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What the search engines look for?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by rosesmark, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. rosesmark

    rosesmark New Member Webmaster

    Google: Incoming Links, On-page SEO, Site Design Spiderability, User analytics, Outgoing links, Inclusion in other Google indexes, Document Histories
    Yahoo: On-page SEO, Links and Link Patterns, Site Design, User analytics, Inclusion in other Yahoo indexes, Document Footprints
    MSN: On-page SEO, Site Design and Structure and Sipderability
    Ask: On-page SEO, Site Design, Site Structure and Spiderability
    ( From an article by Jim Hedger of StepForth )
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  2. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member Webmaster

    1. Title tag - You need a relevant title, not just "Home Page" Use it for 5 key words.
    2. Headings - The search engines view < h> tags as being terms of emphasis - they give weight to the words within them. Put key terms in them.
    3. Bold - Of lesser importance than < h> tags. the < b> tags still emphasize terms of importance.
    4. Keyword meta tags - Some engines use them directly, some check them as part of a validation process - "do they match the content" If they don't then is this a spam site?
    5. Meta description tag - Most engines look at this tag. Use distinct ones throughout your site, and distinct ones for each page. Make them particular to that page.

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