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What Would You Do With $300 (or equivelant country unit)?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by espmartin, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. espmartin

    espmartin New Member Webmaster

    Ok, let me tell you a hypothetical story. You are a SEO. A
    new client pops $300 (or your equivalent country unit) into
    your paypal account. They tell you, "I saw your SEO ad, and
    want to buy your services!"

    Now, with that as the backdrop, let me ask you all:

    What would you do for $300 in SEO for your new client?
    I'm asking for specific SEO techniques (even black hat if you

    This is not a question regarding ethics (hence the blackhat) - or
    for you DIY types, please don't reply with, "spending that money
    is a waist when you can do it all organically".

    There is real money in SEO, and to drop $300 is very realistic.
    So again, What would you do for $300 in SEO for your new client?
  2. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    Not really sure what you want to be written here, i mean $300 in the Uk £150 isnt much, and would probably just buy you a consultation maybe not even a full in depth one, you right though there is alot of money in seo but $300 wouldnt even be a peanut to the good seo's
  3. AndyB

    AndyB New Member Webmaster

    I agree with RiverWire.
    Being realistic $300 would not go far at all. If somone said to me I can promote your site for only $300 I would tell them to go away, and find someone else.
  4. rhyswynne

    rhyswynne Member Webmaster

    As the above say: I'd tell them for £150 how much real SEO costs, and how much you can expect to pay.
  5. espmartin

    espmartin New Member Webmaster

    LOL. Ok, let's all take off our "sounds like a fly-by-night rip-off SEO company!"
    hats, and let me narrow my question:

    YOU are the SEO, YOU get paid $300 (since this is a hypothetical scenario,
    I'm making YOU take the hypothetical money for YOUR hypothetical SEO
    services ;) )

    What techniques would YOU offer for ONLY $300?
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2007
  6. TheeCommerceConsultant

    TheeCommerceConsultant New Member Webmaster

    I would probably sort out thier front page, change to £150gbp that is two - three hours work, change the titles make sure image / links have tags and that is about it, what can you really do in three hours by the time you have grabbed the site etc.. Depends on how you feel and how much work you have on, could it lead to anything else. Other than that refund it and say come back when you are serious ;-)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2008
  7. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Keyword research is about the best use of £150. Link building would be great, but without the keyword research there is nothing you can do. I NEVER accept a clients 'we know what words we want to aim for' instructions as in MOST cases they are wrong. Clients know their industries, BUT THEIR clients do not, so for example a printing company might want to rank for ' four colour process printing' , but their clients might be searching for 'full colour leaflet printing' for example.

    I charge £500 for a site report, so £150 will not go far really :(
  8. espmartin

    espmartin New Member Webmaster

    Great feedback guys! OWG, You've provided excellent information.
  9. Red_Virus

    Red_Virus New Member Webmaster

    In-depth Keyword research, Competition analysis & some link building. I think that would be fine.
  10. xhan

    xhan <span style="color: white; font-weight: 700; backg Webmaster

    quite honestly I wouldn't have a clue!

    I'd probably go and get wankered!

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